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Richard Simms
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Audrey Harviel poses with an Alabama River flathead from the 2022 CatfishNOW/CrappieNOW Media Camp. (Photo by Matt Mullikin)

Celebrating the Ladies of Catfishing

Welcome to the July issue of CatfishNow (CFN). As is our tradition the July content is dedicated to the women of catfishing. This is the sixth year we have honored the ladies in this manner, thus the title—Catwomen VI.

All of the content is either written by, contributed by, or written about, lady anglers.

The first story relives Samantha Gay’s first trophy catfish trip. She reveals what it was like as a bass angler fishing for blue catfish on the James River in Virginia. You can read all about it in this issue.

A second features is an offering from Terry Madewell on the only female guide on the Santee Cooper lakes. Capt. Barbara “Mouse” Witherell has been guiding on the Santee Cooper lakes since 1998. She has earned the respect of her male peers by making consistently outstanding catfish catches.

Female author, Anitra Hamper, brings a story that mixes science with reality in her tale about the origins of catfish. She spent some time with evolutionary biologists who look to nearly 50-million year old fossils for clues into the origins and evolution of catfish.

Another female author, Debbie Hanson, profiles Tiffany “Snookie” Risch. Snookie is another female angler that enjoyed the switch from bass fishing to trophy blue cat fishing. Debbie and Snookie are both active participants in promoting female fishing. In this story, Snookie actively encourages others to target blue cats on the James River.

Additionally, you will find our regular columns, River Rumors, Why We Catfish, Catfish Basics, Catfish Gear, Catfish Profiles in Passion, and Video Tips to improve your success in tournaments or fishing in general. All content relates to lady anglers. We hope you enjoy this issue and share it with your friends.

As always, I wish to thank the sponsors that support us. Because of them, we can offer the contents of CFN to you, our readers, free of charge. I hope you will help us thank them by considering their products when you are in the market for catfishing supplies.

I am happy to see the growth of women in the sport. I think because of them we have also witnessed a growth in youth anglers and that is where our future lies.



Fish with passion!

Ron Presley, Editor


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