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Lonnie Fountain is a pioneer in the sport of catfishing. He has frequented the tournament trails for many years and is always a competitor to be reckoned with. He is shown here with a nice blue caught in the recent SeaArk Boats Owner’s Invitational Tournament on the Tennessee River. (Ron Presley Photo)

COVID Lingers but Anglers Respond Positively

I finally feel like the corner has turned on the COVID calamity. The news is better most days as more states open up and allow their residents to return to a more “normal” lifestyle. All the news is not good, but a lot of it is and I am going to go with it.

On a personal note, I got both of my shots and have begun to hit the road again. It was just great seeing so many friends in person at the recent SeaArk Boats Owner’s Invitational Tournament in Decatur, AL. The fishing was good too.

I waited longer than most to return to traveling, something I missed greatly. I am just glad I am feeling confident and safe to return to a more normal routine again. I hope you too are feeling better about where we are in the pandemic and where we will be in the months and years from now. Just use common sense and be safe.

We have three interesting featured stories in this May edition of CatfishNOW. They touch on big rivers, tidal water, and fishing in a COVID world. Additionally, you will find our regular columns, Why We Catfish, Catfish Conservation, River Rumors, Catfish Basics, and Catfish Gear. We hope you enjoy them and share them with your friends.

As always, I wish to thank the great sponsors that support us. Because of them, we are able to offer the contents of CFN to our readers free of charge. I hope you will help thank them by considering their products when you are in the market for catfishing supplies.

Fish with passion!

Ron Presley, Editor

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