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Twelve-year old Abby Miller of Gold Point, NC is all smiles as she poses with a nice blue cat she caught in North Carolina’s Baden Lake. (Photo by Terry Madewell)

Catfishing Adventures with the Next Generation

By Keith “Catfish” Sutton

We are thrilled to welcome you to a special edition of CatfishNOW dedicated entirely to family-oriented catfishing adventures. In this issue, we celebrate the bonds forged on the water, generation after generation, as parents pass down the timeless art of angling to their children.

At CatfishNOW, we recognize the invaluable role that fishing plays in creating lasting memories and fostering strong family connections. Whether it’s a weekend excursion to a local pond or a grand adventure on a sprawling river, the shared experiences on the water hold a special place in our hearts.

In this issue, we turn the spotlight on those moments of pure joy, discovery and learning that happen when we introduce the next generation to the world of catfishing. Terry Madewell will teach you how to “Fish Like a Girl,” and Alan Clemons talks about great baits you and your kids can make at home. Brent Frazee follows up with some dynamite tips that can help your kids catch more catfish and create long-lasting memories of their days on the water.

To all the parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and mentors who have shared the joys of catfishing with the next generation, this issue is a salute to you. Your dedication to passing down the love of angling ensures that these traditions will continue for years to come.

We hope you enjoy this special edition of CatfishNOW as much as we’ve enjoyed putting it together. May it inspire you to create new fishing memories with your loved ones, and may those moments be cherished for a lifetime.


Keith Sutton

Tight lines and happy fishing! I’ll see you downstream.

Keith “Catfish” Sutton, Editor

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