Catfish NOW – April 2021

Invest in Yourself

Hello everyone, spring has arrived for almost everyone and fishing is in full swing.  It’s time to go out and have fun fishing and learn something new every day to expand your knowledge and skills. Expanding our knowledge involves obtaining info by reading, web research, digital content, videos as well as trying out what you learn by spending time on the water and practicing.

One source for learning is our ezine. CatfishNOW includes all the varied types of how-to content for beginners and advanced anglers as well. It is open 24/7 at Other sources include clubs and associations which you can join to enjoy their benefits […]

Float Tube Flatties Part 2

Swim fins and bag full of soft plastic baits propelled Severns to this motley flattie.   Tips for Catching Flatheads from Float Tubes – Part 2 by Ron Presley Float tubes add stealth to the pursuit, proper presentation adds fish on the line.   Keith Severns has gained a high level of expertise in float […]

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Where Big Flatheads Thrive

An abundance of dense woody habitat in Lake Conway creates a haven for big flathead catfish. (Photo: Keith Sutton)   Arkansas Honeyhole for Monster Flatheads: Lake Conway by Keith “Catfish” Sutton If you’re looking for a place where you can catch big flatheads, consider central Arkansas’ Lake Conway.   So, you’re wanting to catch a […]

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Early Spring Flatheads

The first flathead of the night often comes just after the sun goes down.   April Flatheads by Capt. Glenn Flowers   Once the water temperatures begin to rise, lethargic flatheads begin to move and bring springtime action to anglers.   For many of us in the south, April brings hungry flatheads. After a long […]

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Catfish Basics #110

No Wood, No Problem by  Daniel Armstrong Flathead fishing on Lake Texoma can be very tricky. The lake is not loaded with timber to fish and a lot of the rocky structure is very steep. So, the biggest challenge is that there is no timber to hold the flatheads in one spot. When I’m targeting […]

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Catfish Basics #109

Springtime Flatties by Bill “Flathead” Sutton When it comes to springtime flathead fishing in lakes, I like points at the mouth of big creeks. The flatheads seem to congregate there for a few weeks before going back in the creek. This is usually when water temps are in the 50’s. When they start going up […]

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Catfish Kids

Ryan is shown here at the CatMasters on Tawakoni where he fished with his dad and Eddie Haney. Ryan caught his 64.02-pound personal best on day two. The team finished in the top ten and Ryan earned the Top Finishing Youth Angler.   Look What Happens When Kids Grow Up Catfishing by Ron Presley Ryan’s […]

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Catfish Gear #39

Chris Souders is shown here with a nice blue cat he caught on the Pro Mag Offshore planer boards.   Off Shore Tackle Planer Boards Planer boards have become a vital part of most catfish angler’s arsenal. They were used for years in walleye fishing and have now been adopted by many catfish anglers. There […]

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Attacking the Asian Carp Problem

AFTCO “Stop Asian Carp” Campaign Underway Editor’s Note: In January 2021, the AFTCO company kicked off a campaign to “Stop Asian Carp.” It is an effort that the entire fishing industry can and should support. Although referenced as combating the damage these carp have made on the bass population, the efforts will help many species. […]

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Why We Catfish: A Guest Editorial by Thomas Whitenton

Thomas Whitenton began his career as a welder before taking up part-time guiding. As his fishing skills grew, he became a full-time guide because of his passion for fishing. Pay it Forward by Thomas Whitenton How fishing with kids revealed the importance of conservation.   Like many young men raised in the south, I learned […]

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CFN How to Video for April 2021

Live Bait for Flatties – Richard Chaplin Richard Chaplin prefers live bait for the early spring flathead bite. And no fin clipping or tail clipping to slow them down. He uses a heavier than usual sinker to keep the lively baits in the strike zone. Watch the video to hear his thoughts on April flatheads.

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B’n’M How to Video for April 2021

Set up with Stealth – Joey Pounders, B’n’M Poles, Nexgen Joey Pounders, one time Mississippi State record holder for flatheads,  describes how he sets up on flathead habitat. Watch the video to learn his three main tips for catching more flatheads.

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