Catfish NOW – March 2021 Updated

Spring Has Sprung, Bring it On
March 20, 2021 is the official beginning of Spring. Anglers are generally happy to see March come because it means some great fishing is just around the corner. Appropriately, the March issue of CatfishNOW adopted the theme of “Spring Strategies.”

In the interest of flathead anglers, the first story features Keith Severns who shares his tips and techniques on catching flatheads on artificial bait from a float tube. If you are up for a challenge, there is no time better than spring to give it a try.

B’n’M How to Video for March 2021

Chart Depth vs Actual Depth - Robin East, B’n’M Poles After catching fish at a particular depth, many anglers go in search of similar areas with the same depth. Robin East warns anglers to adjust for the depth where you marked fish and the depth your chart indicates. The chart was likely mapped at full [...]

CFN How to Video for March 2021

CFN How to Video for March 2021 Brian “Bone Collector” Mayo advises anglers to adapt to the warming weather of March and its impact on the shad. Look for shallower water but don’t overlook the close-by holes, you might be surprised. View the video for Brian’s March tips.

Trophy Catfish for the Future

This nighttime beauty is one of the reasons that Severns supports selective harvest. He believes that fish like this should always be returned to the water.   Flathead Conservation with Keith Severns by Ron Presley Practicing selective harvest can help stop the declining numbers of big flatheads. Observations by many flathead anglers suggest that the […]

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Why We Catfish: A Guest Editorial by Wayne Reed

Reed is shown here with his personal best 78-pound blue. He caught it while fishing with one of his mentors, Jason Bridges.   Take Only What You Need by Wayne Reed Growing up and currently living close to the Tennessee River near Decatur Alabama is one of my life’s blessings. Beginning in a plywood boat, […]

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Catfish Profiles in Passion – Josh Brown

Josh Brown’s catfishing adventure started out chasing channel cats. It developed into a guide business where he shares his knowledge and skills to help his clients catch big cats.    Chasing the Dream by Ron Presley It all started with channel cats but ended in a search for a state record blue cat and a […]

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Catfish Gear #38

TTI Blakemore’s Boss Kat Hooks   The newly released Boss Kat hooks are making their way into catfishermen’s tackleboxes for a variety of reasons. They are made by Daiichi and enjoy the same quality production process and dependability that anglers have respect for years. They also offer a variety of styles to meet any angler’s […]

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Catfish Basics #108

You Can’t Fish Too Shallow with Spencer Hodges, Purrfect Kitty Guide Service   Spencer Hodges is a southern angler and fishing guide. He is known for his ability to catch trophy catfish. He relies heavily on years of experience to lead him and his clients to that next trophy fish. His strategy includes seeking out […]

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Catfish Basics #107

Keep it Simple for Channels with Bill Ladlee Keep it simple and use the right tackle when targeting channel cats. There is no need to make it complicated. No concoctions of ingredients all mashed into a ball. No chicken livers or hotdogs soaked in Kool-Aid. I start my terminal rig by sliding a 3-ounce no […]

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Go Shallow for Early Spring Catfish

Kevin Davis of Blacks Camp on South Carolina’s Santee Cooper lakes likes to work shallow on warm early-spring afternoons.   The Shallow Bite on Santee Cooper by Jeff Samsel Sunny early-spring days draw catfish surprisingly shallow to feed. Learn to capitalize on this behavior for fun early-season action. “We’re going shallow this afternoon,” Kevin Davis […]

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High Water Catfishing

In the spring of 2019, floodwaters covered millions of acres adjacent big rivers in the Midwest, High Plains and South. The high water caused millions of dollars in damage, but for catfish, the floods brought a bounty of food. (Keith Sutton Photo)   Catching Catfish When Big Rivers Flood by Keith “Catfish” Sutton Don’t let […]

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Float Tube Flatties Part 1

Severns is shown here admiring the catch of the day. A nice flattie caught on an artificial presentation. (Keith Severns Photo)   Tips for Catching Flatheads from Float Tubes Part 1 by Ron Presley Using artificial baits for flatheads adds a challenge to catching them.   Note: Keith Severns has a passion for flatheads. That […]

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