Catfish NOW – March 2023

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Amazing Facts About Catfish

Have you ever wondered how many species of catfish swim in the waters of the world? I have, so this month I did a bit of online research to see what I could learn.

As it turns out, catfish comprise an incredibly large and diverse group of animals—much larger, in fact, than most people realize. To date, more than 3,400 species have been described. This means that about one in four species (23 percent) of all freshwater fishes is a catfish. One in 10 species (11 percent) of all fishes, including every saltwater and freshwater fish now known, is a catfish. One in 20 species of all vertebrates—which includes all mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians and fish—is a catfish.

Try Shallow Water for Spring Cats

Professional catfishing guide and tournament angler Scott Peavy says moving water creates ideal opportunities to catch fat cats in skinny water.     Fat Cats in Skinny Water by Terry Madewell Anglers looking for fast-paced action on active, biting fish should check out the skinny-water options this spring. It’s not just for numbers of fat […]

Fast-Water Channel Cat Strategies

The author’s son Braden holding a very early spring channel catfish. If you notice behind him, the river is full to the top of the cut bank, and plant life is just starting to sprout. This is a time to get out of the current on the OFF current seam to find sluggish catfish.   […]

Spring Rains

When fishing floodwaters for flatheads, bank fishermen often find themselves battling big catfish in extremely shallow water.     Floodwater Flatheads by Keith “Catfish” Sutton When heavy spring rains cause rivers to rise, flathead catfish go on a gluttonous feeding binge. Smart anglers go fishing then.   Flathead catfish differ from other catfish in many [...]

Electronics by Wiegmann

Anglers can change chart speed to faster, slower or factory setting.     Changing Chart Speed for Better Sonar Imaging by Brad Wiegmann Faster is not always better when it comes to chart speed.     Fish finders collect data and display it on a screen, with the exception of live-imaging sonar. The imaging scrolls from […]

Catfish Basics #153—Good Old-Fashioned Worm Fishing with Chuck Long

There is something special about putting a worm on a hook and casting it in the water. It takes many fishermen back to their earliest memories of fishing with Dad or Granddad and thoughts of wonderful, youthful days spent on a creek bank. Even though worms are often a prominent bait of youthful memories, anglers […]

An Old Man and a Boy Go Catfishing

The smile on this youngster’s face says it all. This catfishing trip was 100-percent pure fun   Pat and The Kid by Keith “Catfish” Sutton One cannot predict how influential simple gestures like taking a youngster fishing might be.   The kid prepared himself for the strike, but when it came, his pole was nearly […]

Catfish Gear #62

B’n’M Poles’ New Freedom Series Rods Recognizing the sacrifices of our military veterans   Freedom is preserved by those few who are willing to sacrifice everything to protect it. At B’n’M Poles, every employee is a veteran or the family member of a veteran, and the company’s new line of Freedom Rods was designed to […]

Today’s Releases are Tomorrow’s Trophies

Properly handling catfish and safely releasing them requires the right tools, like a good set of lip grips or a rubber-coated micro-mesh landing net.   How to Properly Release Big Catfish Unharmed Courtesy of Greg Wagner and Nebraskaland magazine Tips to assure your trophy catch will be caught again   The practice of catch-and-release fishing […]

Historic Reintroduction of Blue Catfish in Pennsylvania

The opportunity to once again catch heavyweight blue cats like this has Pennsylvania anglers excited. When blues released in the Ohio River mature, they will be the largest gamefish in the Commonwealth, often outweighing striped bass, carp, muskies and flathead catfish.     Keystone State Blues Making a Comeback by Keith “Catfish” Sutton The Pennsylvania […]

Time Spent with Significant Others Makes Catfishing Special

Channel catfish, like this beauty caught by Ted Ellenbecker, differ considerably in their habits from blue cats and flatheads. This creates variety in the sport that helps attract millions of participants.     Why We Catfish: Time Spent with Others by Ted Ellenbecker Want a good reason to go catfishing? Just look at the smiling […]

CFN How to Video with David Magness — On the Fish Finder: Asian Carp or Catfish?

Do you fish in an area where it’s hard to determine if those signatures on your fish finder’s down scan are catfish or Asian carp? Capt. David Magness of Cat’N Aroun’ Guide Service shared this tip for distinguishing between the two so you can spend your catfishing time as productively as possible.

Lots of Good Reasons to Join NPAA

Special NPAA Discount for CatfishNOW Readers by Keith Sutton, CatfishNOW Editor Join Now and Get 10% Off a Pro Membership   CatfishNOW readers have a limited-time opportunity to buy a discounted membership to the National Professional Anglers Association (NPAA). If you sign up by April 16, 2023, you’ll receive a 10-percent discount on a Pro […]