Catfish NOW – Sept 2021

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Where to find them? How to catch them? How to take care of them? All those questions and more are addressed in the September issue of CatfishNOW. As cooler temperatures characterize the weather, anglers know that comfortable and productive fishing adventures are here.

This month’s featured articles begin with a local angler’s description of fishing in his own backyard. As is the case with many in the catfish community, you don’t always have to travel far to fish. Don’t overlook the fishing possibilities that may be available in your local area.

A second featured story describes catfish movements in the fall. Research is presented suggesting that catfish migrations are seasonal. Understanding those movements, and they can be significant, will help anglers enjoy reliable catfishing outings. […]


Local Knowledge

by Ron Presley

Sometimes fishing success can come in your own backyard.

The Alabama River is formed when the Coosa River and the Tallapoosa River merge in Elmore County, AL. It winds its way towards Montgomery, AL to the southwest and joins the Cahaba River near Selma, and finally empties into Mobile Bay. The highly meandering river offers 318.5 miles of catfish habitat.

Marshall Hughey is an avid catfish angler and resident of Elmore, County. His passion […]

09152021_Sutton_Fall_Catfish_Photo 001

Catching Fall Catfish on the Move

by Keith “Catfish” Sutton

Studying the migration habits of catfish can make your catch rate soar.

My friend Sid Riley was a river rat. His wife lived in their home in southeast Arkansas, but Sid spent most of his time at a cabin near the Mississippi River. Like many river rats, Sid enjoyed catfishing. And the Mississippi—a mother lode of giant blues, flatheads, and channel cats—provided many delicious whiskerfish for the savvy fisherman’s dinners. […]


Catmasters Stress the Importance of Cats ‘Stayin’ Alive’

by Richard Simms

Full disclosure here – I am a catfishing guide but I am NOT a catfish tournament angler. I discovered long ago that my psyche is not cut out for competitive fishing.

But thank goodness there are many who are.

“In our part of the world, Texas, I’ve seen it grow,” said Bryan St. Ama. “Tournament fishing has turned on a lot of anglers to catfishing.” […]

CFN How to Video for September 2021

Catfish Handling with David Stanley, Slimecat Rods Fish care is an important topic for catfish anglers today. In this video, David Stanley talks about how he handles trophy fish. Whether they are being picked up for a photo or simple for release, the way they are handled makes a difference. Follow David’s advice and more […]

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B’n’M How to Video for September 2021

Bottom Bouncing with Bob Crosby, Blue Cat Guide Service  Bottom bouncing has become the go-to technique for many catfish anglers on rivers with sufficient current. It is a proven technique for putting trophy catfish in the boat. In this video Capt. Bob Crosby of Blue Cat Guide Service talks about gear and techniques for bottom […]

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Trophy Catfish for the Future

The oxygen bottle shown in the photo is evidence that Barry Wilson cares about fish health and catfish conservation. Oxygen works! (CatMasters Photo)   CatMasters Tactics Promote Conservation by Ron Presley Dissolved Oxygen measurements are used to educate anglers on fish care.   There is no more important place than catfish tournaments to be concerned […]

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Why We Catfish: A Guest Editorial by Stan Liberty

My Catfishing Has Become an Obsession by Stan Liberty Catfishing has created a brotherhood for me.   My name is Stan Liberty, I am 56 years old. My hometown is Lincoln, Nebraska. Although I normally fish the waters of eastern and western Nebraska, and Kansas I have had several opportunities to catfish at Wheeler Lake […]

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Virginia DWR Electronic Sampling of Blue Catfish

Blue Catfish Sampling on the Pamunkey, Mattaponi, and Rappahannock Rivers Scientific sampling reveals the best catfish habitat. Virginia Department of Wildlife Resources (DWR) fisheries staff conducted annual blue catfish sampling over the past two weeks in the Pamunkey, Mattaponi, and Rappahannock rivers. Biologists used low-frequency electrofishing to temporarily immobilize catfish in order to collect length […]

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Catfish Gear #44

Chris Souders Chooses Boss Kat Hooks   Boss Kat hooks are made by Daiichi and enjoy the same quality production process and dependability that anglers have respect for years. They offer a variety of styles to meet any angler’s specific needs. Boss Kat offers “J” hooks, circle hooks, super sharp extra heavy wire circles hooks, […]

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Catfish Basics #120

Bouncing the Boils with Nathan Trammel, Blessed Outdoors   Dams attract fish for many reasons and I love to fish them. Especially on the Tennessee and Coosa Rivers that I fish a lot. I have been very successful with the simple rig I tie to walk my bait downstream. Start by tying a three-way swivel […]

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Catfish Basics #119

Fishing Summer Patterns with Cody Haynes (The Coosa Kid)   In the summer and late summer months, there are several good ways to target blue and flathead catfish. Most areas are coming out of the spawn and many rivers and lakes have little current if any. One method I like is drifting. Whether suspend drifting […]

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Inducted Into Hall of Fame

Wells & Sutton Inducted Into Legends Hall of Fame by Tim Huffman   The Legends of the Outdoors Hall of Fame was established to honor the outdoor sportsmen and sportswomen who, through countless hours of hard work and devotion to the outdoors, have played an integral part in setting the standards for the rest of […]

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