Catfish NOW – June 2021

Preserve Future Catfish Populations


Well, June has arrived, summer is again upon us, and it is the catfish spawning time for most of the country. This edition of CatfishNOW focuses on this very important event, the spawn, for the fish we love to catch…catfish. Protecting the large catfish spawners to preserve our future catfish populations is very important.

The spawn usually means that some of the largest catfish migrate into shallow water spawning grounds and become very vulnerable to predators and fisherpeople. Catch and release of the big spawners can make a major improvement to catfish populations in our favorite lakes, rivers, and streams.

B’n’M How to Video for June 2021

Fishing the Spawn with David Magness, B’n’M Poles B’n’M’s David Magness loves to bump the Mississippi River, but when the old spawn comes around he knows he has to adapt. View the video for his advice on fishing the spawn.

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CFN How to Video for June 2021

Fishing Ahead of the Spawn with Brent Jones Brent Jones tackles the spawn by avoiding it in the interest of conservation. In this video, he explains how he and his wife Carolyn fish during the spawn.

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The Dreaded Catfish Spawn

Fishing the Catfish Spawn by Ron Presley   Do you dread the spawn coming to your area? Here’s a few things you can do to improve your success.   Many anglers begin moaning the blues (no pun intended) when the catfish spawn begins in their fishing waters. The spawn is not a one-time-fits-all occurrence. It […]

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Carolina Cats in June

Catching Cats During the Spawn by Terry Madewell An open mind is critical to success when fishing for catfish during the spawn.  Big fish will be harder to catch but plenty of quality fish can be caught by anglers with a good strategy.   Catfishing is productive year-round and experienced anglers have strategies for making […]

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Flatheads on the Spawn

Potential catfish spawning areas can often be seen along the river bank when the water level is low. Cavities such as shown here would attract nesting catfish when submerged. (Matt Mullikin Photo)   Big Flatheads Take Cover by Brent Frazee   Largest fish stay hidden during spawn, but they can be caught.   When summer […]

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Catfish Basics #113

Persistence and Perseverance with Joe Jellison, Chatt Cat Fishing   Fishing the spawn is all about persistence and perseverance for Joe Jellison. Everyone knows the spawn creates a challenge to catch fish, but Jellison does not stop fishing because of it. He has good reason to continue to fish during the spawn. In 2020 his […]

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Catfish Basics #114

Fishing the Spawn with Cody Chambers Fishing the Coosa River and Tennessee River during the spawn is not much different than fishing other bodies of water while the whiskered fish are getting ready for their annual ritual. When the water temperature reaches about 68 to 70 degrees the catfish start migrating to their nesting areas […]

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Catfish Kids

Catfishing Expo Features Catapalooza for Kids by Ron Presley   The Catapalooza catfishing expo, held in Pigeon Forge, TN, was the result of Hookers Terminal Tackle’s James Arwood and an idea he had a couple of years ago. After being delayed by the pandemic in 2020, the expo was held and it added Catapalooza for […]

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Catfish Gear #41

The Pro Guide Boat by SeaArk   The SeaArk Pro Guide boat was highly anticipated in various user circles, including the catfish community. It is called Pro Guide for a reason, and charter captains have taken a liking to the features this boat offers. From its Self-draining bow deck to the huge 100 gallon livewell [...]

Why We Catfish: A Guest Editorial by Wade Rose

Father/Son Catfishing by Wade Rose Father/Son fishing creates bonding, teamwork, and conservation-minded anglers.   Jordan and I started catfishing together in February 2020. It all came together after we saw pictures of huge catfish on a Santee Cooper Lakes website. Jordan was 13 years old at the time and he wanted badly to catch one […]

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