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Christmas Gift List for Catfish Fanatics

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I try each year to offer some Christmas shopping suggestions. I started this year by asking myself what I would like to have for Christmas. The first thing that came to my mind was a catfish trip with a guide. That led me to think about tournament anglers and the fact that they might like an entry fee into a major tournament.

So here’s the deal – If your guy or gal is a tournament angler consider buying them an entry into a tournament next year. If your cat man or cat gal is a recreational angler think about buying them a trip with a catfish guide (remember to make a stipulation that you get to go too)!

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Merry Christmas. Joey Pounders photo

So here’s my list of a few tournaments you can consider, listed by date of tournament:

Winter Blues on Wheeler – December 31, 2017 – You will have to move quickly on this one because it comes up on New Year’s Eve. The event is presented this year by Fishlife Fish Care Products. Their website suggests that anglers who register and pay online will have priority over those that pay the day of the tournament, so don’t delay. You can click here to see the rules. Wheeler is a Big Fish lake, making this an awesome gift for any catfish angler. If this is the one for you move your mouse to sign up and register by clicking here.

Mississippi River Monsters – September 15 and 16, 2017 – Now this would be an awesome trip. The Captains Meeting and weigh-in are held at the Bass Pro Shops at the Pyramid in Memphis, TN. George Young Jr. and his head elf, Bill Dance, did an outstanding job at the inaugural event in 2016. The 2017 event promises to be even better. More sponsors, more entries and plenty of big fish are sure to highlight this event. You can make your catfish fanatic love you for life if you decide to buy them an MRM entry for Christmas. Registration is open. Click here for details. Visit their Facebook page.

Monsters on the Ohio – October 13 and 14, 2017 – This tournament is set out of beautiful Owensboro, KY on the banks of the Ohio River. It has been a favorite tourney for many catfish anglers since its inception in 2010. Aaron Wheatley and his band of merry makers have provided one of the best ran tournaments on earth. Every detail is taken care of to give anglers, families and friends an experience to remember. Registration for this one will open December 15, visit their website for details. You can also fisit their Facebook page for the latest info.

Cabela’s King Kat Tournament Trail – This trail will offer as many as 15 local tournaments to choose from in 2017. Check out the schedule here and pick the one your catfish fanatic would most like to attend. If he or she is a homebody pick something close to home. If he or she likes to travel, then pick some new destination to satisfy their sense of adventure. If a local tournament is won, the team qualifies to fish one of two national championships to be held in 2017. Now, that would be a bonus, wouldn’t it!

Catfish Guides – For the recreational anglers there are plenty of catfish guides that are more than happy to take your catfish fanatic fishing. Many offer gift certificates, but even if they don’t they will sign you up for the trip of a lifetime. Do your research, and if possible get a recommendation from a friend.

Here are a few, in alphabetical order, that I have personal knowledge of. They are spread out over 4 different states to give some geographical choice to your Christmas gift recipient. Each are the kind of guide I would like to have take me fishing. They are friendly, knowledgeable and know how to put you on fish. Spend some time on the water with them and they will teach you how to catch catfish for yourself. Click on their website link to find out more about them.

Brian Barton, Muscle Shoals, AL – Brian Barton Outdoors – You can contact Brian at 256-412-0969 or send an email to

Brad Durick, Grand Forks, ND –  Brad Durick Outdoors – You can contact Brad at 701-739-5808 or send an email to

Glenn “Cathunter” Flowers, Pensacola FL – Cathunters Guide Service – You can contact Glenn at 850-418-9280 or send an email to

Scott Manning, Clinton, TN – Tennessee River Monsters – You can contact Scott at 865-680-7672 or send an email to

So, there you have it. This is obviously just a sampling of the many tournaments and the many guides available out there today. Catfishing is growing and so is the opportunities to fish. Choose from my list or research your own, but it would be a Christmas gift that is sure to please any catfish fanatic.

There is even a bonus – no leg work involved in the shopping. You don’t even have to leave the comfort of your easy chair to find the perfect gift. Put another log on the fire and let your mouse be your guide. Do your research, make your choice and give your special person a catfish gift that will be remembered for Christmases to come.

Merry Christmas and fish with passion.

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