Catfish Basics Dec 2016

Catfish Basics #005 – Attitude Adjustment

Jason “Big Cat” Mathenia fishes tournaments with his mom Vicky. His advice goes beyond the physical things you do to catch more catfish. His tip is related to mental preparedness.

“Have confidence in what you are doing,” advises Mathenia. “Whether it is the type of fishing you are doing or the technique that you are using, you have to have faith that you are going to put fish in the boat. I feel that if you go into a fishing trip with a negative attitude then it will reflect on your overall fishing trip.”

“I shouldn’t say negative,” added Mathenia. “That might not be the right word. Maybe I should say, don’t go out there without confidence. I can tell you this; every time mom and I hit the water we never say ‘I hope we catch fish.’ We just wonder how many and how big the fish are going to be that we put in the boat.”

“Even if we get skunked, we go into the day with a positive attitude,” concluded Jason. “That positive attitude goes hand-in-hand with time on the water. The more time on the water the more confidence you will have in your fishing techniques. Take a positive attitude into your fishing trip and it will result in more and bigger fish!”

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