Catfish Basics Equipment Feb 2017

Catfish Basics #009 – Sonar/Bait Placement for Flatheads – Jay Gallop

“Flatheads like cover,” says B’n’M Prostaffer Jay Gallop. Gallop fishes competitively with his partner Joey Pounders. More often than not it is flatheads that they are bringing to the scales.

“It doesn’t matter whether it’s rocks and ledges or submerged trees,” Continued Gallop. “Anything they can lay up against or get under is what you need to locate. The key to finding them is in knowing how to read your sonar. Knowing exactly where to put the bait is everything! If you bait is not close enough to, or in the tree, that you are fishing there’s a good chance that big fish is not going to leave that tree to come to you.”

“Having a sonar is like getting a new phone,” advises Gallop. “You have to keep playing with it and learning it. That’s how you learn to do what you need to do with it.”

“If you learn to use your sonar you can put a live shad on a B’n’M Silver Cat Magnum and put that bait right where it needs to be,” concluded Gallop. “Now, I am not saying they won’t hit cut bait, because they will. Nevertheless, if I have my druthers, I would rather have a live bait.”

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