Jan 2019

Catfish Connections

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Welcome to a new year and the January 2019 edition of CatfishNow (CFN) Digital Magazine and Social Media Platform. January of each year brings the promise of new activities, new beginnings, and our pledge to support the catfish community in a positive way.

As I look back on 2018 the pastime of catfishing has continued its upward growth. It continues to be a sport that the whole family can enjoy. The continued progress of smaller local trails and the announcements of new trails and tournaments bodes well for the future.

One of those new tournaments that shows great promise was actually a combined effort of Alex Nagy and Tim Berger. They combined the resources of their individual trails to create the First Annual Reindeer Catfish Games tournament in MO. The Second Annual Catfish Games is already scheduled for the winter of 2019.

The HOLD’em HOOK Catfish Trail held their annual Christmas for Kids tournament to help local needy children have a better Christmas. Many other catfish clubs and trails do similar fundraisers and benefits that indicate the sharing spirit of the catfish community.

Matt Cattmat Jones will present the Blue Grass Catfish Bash complete with a hog roast at the captains meeting in 2019.

Ryan Lawrence created the Tennessee River Catfish Club that will host tournaments along the Tennessee River in 2019.

Matthew Miles (Katfish Clothing) has announced the King of the James Catfish Tournament. He will be assisted in the March 2019 event by Trey Thorpe and Adam Cook.

These are just a few of the new catfish activities schedule for the new year, I wish I could list them all, but this is not the place. Nevertheless, all these and many more are indicative of a positive growth path for the catfish industry.

On a personal note, I am very proud to start off a new year of promoting the sport of catfishing. I sincerely hope that what we do through the magazine is a positive influence on both experienced and beginning catfish anglers. There are millions of stories to tell and we can only scratch the surface, but over time we can tell a lot of them. If you know of a story that needs to be told we would love to hear from you.

As always, I wish to thank the great sponsors that support us. It is because of them that we are able to offer the contents of CFN to our readers free of charge. I hope you will help me thank them by considering their products when you are in the market for catfish supplies.

We are extremely pleased to bring you this month’s collection of catfish related content and ask you to share this issue with your friends, relatives, and other catfish enthusiasts. By doing so you just might help them catch more CatfishNow.


Happy New Year and fish with passion.

Ron Presley, Editor

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