Catfish Basics March 2020

Catfish Basics #084 – Look for Current – Kevin Davis, Black’s Camp and Restaurant

Santee Cooper is known for catching big fish in shallow water. With years of observation as a guide and proprietor of Black’s Camp and Restaurant, Kevin Davis has some advice for catfish anglers fishing Santee Cooper in March.

His reasoning is based on an annually recurring event. March is the time that the spring herring are coming into the lakes from the ocean.

“Anchor up in 4 to 15 feet of water,” advises Davis. “Always look for current, bait up with fresh spring herring, and wait for the rod to go down. If you fish 30 minutes without a bite it’s time to MOVE!”

“Look for those same conditions and set up again,” continued Davis. “This is a pattern that has worked for years.”

It is a good idea to set the timer on your phone to ensure a notification when the 30 minutes is up. Following this simple plan is likely to hook you up with some great Santee Cooper cats in March. And don’t overlook the shallow water!

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