Catfish Connections July 2020

Catfish Connections

Each year in July CatfishNOW celebrates the women of catfishing by publishing stories related to the ladies. Most are moms and spouses first, but many are seriously dedicated to the sport. They choose their own equipment and bait their own hooks and they love sharing the sport with others. The women of catfishing are making their way in a sport mostly dominated by men.

Many are also making a name for themselves in tournament fishing. They tend to enjoy the travel and the new friends they make on the tournament trail. It is a joy to me to see the number of husband/wife teams competing on the various circuits around the country. More than once I have heard the motto, “The family that fishes together, stays together.”

In this month’s issue Ron Presley visited with Dawn Gaston to see what it’s like to be a catman’s wife; Brent Frazee profiles Kansas Catwomen, Stefanie Stanley, and her tournament adventures; and Anietra Hamper reveals the possibilities of overseas travel for exotic catfish. There are also plenty of tips and techniques from other lady catfishers.

CatfishNOW (CFN) is pleased to dedicate this month’s issue to the growing number of women in the sport of catfishing. This is just one of many story angles to follow. If you know of a catfish story that needs to be told or a tip that you would like to share, we would love to hear from you.

As always, I wish to thank the great sponsors that support us. Because of them, we are able to offer the contents of CFN to our readers free of charge. I hope you will help thank them by considering their offerings when you are in the market for catfishing supplies.

Fish with passion!

Ron Presley, Editor




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