Catfish Basics May 2020

Catfish Basics #087 – Speed it Up – by Steve Dobbs

Steve Dobbs, HOLD'em HOOK Catfish Trail


Catfish Basics #087 – Speed it Up

 Steve Dobbs, HOLD’em HOOK Catfish Trail


Tournament anglers can do a couple of things that would speed up tournament weigh-in lines and have a beneficial impact on the fish.

First, if a team has had a good day and catch their fish early and are just waiting for weigh-in to open, they can come in early and line up. I always open my scales at least an hour before deadline and seldom have many there.

Secondly, if at all possible, have a teammate in the boat to get the small fish in a bucket or net. That way, they can be passed quickly to the tub. Then, pull out that pig to show the crowd and enjoy your success.

I truly wish that teams would be ready to pass those fish off, get out of the boat, move the truck, get a picture, and move along. This is something we struggle with at so many events.

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