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Catfish Basics #088 – Fish Handling at Weigh-in – by Alex Nagy

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Catfish Basics #088 – Fish Handling at Weigh-in

Alex Nagy, Twisted Cat Outdoors  


As a tournament director I can think of several things that anglers can do to speed up the weigh-in process. The faster it goes, the better it is for the fish.

Start off by having any forms, boat cards etc. filled out and ready to hand off to tournament director prior to entering weigh in line.

Then have the tournament partner in the boat to move rods and other paraphernalia out of the way before pulling up to weigh in site. He can then prepare a safe area to properly and safely remove fish from the livewell and into weigh-in basket. Do not drain the livewell in front of the weigh-in site.

Spectators are there to see your catch so display them proudly and then place them in the tubs for weigh-in. One partner can help return the fish safely to the water while the other partner moves the boat away from the weigh-in area.

Return to the weigh-in area and talk with fellow anglers and spectators! They love to hear about your day. Be professional and courteous to all in attendance, whether they be the tournament director, other anglers, volunteers, or spectators. These simple things will go a long way towards growing your brand and the sport!

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