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Catfish Gear #029 — Hurricane Anchors



Catfish Gear #029 — Hurricane Anchors


Hurricane Anchors are well known by many catfish anglers for their durability and effectiveness. The owners take great pride in their work and always strive to provide excellent customer satisfaction. The customized anchors don’t only get the job done, they look good too. With two sizes to choose from anglers no longer have to worry about slipping away from that favorite fishing spot.

The 18-pound version will hold up to a 20-foot deep-V or pontoon. Hurricane anchors are powder coated for longer life. The 18-pound anchor sells for $75 plus shipping and handling. A customized version with your personal logo or artwork is available for $110.

For anglers with larger boats the 24-pound, plain powder coated, models sell for $80. The customized models go for $115. Shipping runs around $20 to $30, depending on where you live.

Mark Coburn serves as weighmaster for the Santee Lakes Catfish Club. Anyone who has fished Santee Cooper in windy conditions knows why it requires an anchor that holds under adverse conditions.

“On Santee we often face wind, open water, and heavy waves,” Colburn said. “Hurricane Anchors are the choice of most anglers here. it’s quite normal to fish in windy conditions and many anglers will precision anchor on ledges or ditches. And Hurricane Anchors hold the bottom without bouncing.”

“We rely on an anchor that will hold even with the boat rocking,” continued Coburn. “Most anglers carry two hurricane anchors and throw one from the back and one from the front. Many times, it is necessary to precision anchor in a crosswind. Often you are in very shallow, stumpy areas and you need to know that the anchor will hold!”

“It can get quite dangerous should an anchor pull loose in those conditions,” concluded Coburn. “Hurricane Anchors hold true to their name and they will HOLD you in a storm! Chris Gaines fabricates and designs Hurricane Anchors and has sold them around the world as their reputation is as strong as the anchors themselves.”

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call Chris Gaines at 864-617-5929.

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