Catfish Connections June 2020

CFN June Connections Editorial – New Website

Catfish Connections – New Website

I can’t believe that we are almost into another season change—spring to summer. This year has offered many challenges but fishing has been very good and I believe it will continue.

Not only are the seasons changing soon but we at CatfishNOW on 15 May radically changed our virtual magazine deployment and format. A new website has been launched that offers so many options for you the reader and the learner.

The new format leaves the old page-turner format behind and replaces it with a more open format which adds more flexibility for you the reader and also more presence for the sponsors. This major change allows for better site searchability. The user can enter tag words to find their desired content and mobile users will find improved formatting.

We still have work to do on the site but soon, a brag board or trophy tab will allow users to post their personal best catfish shown in trophy levels. There will also be an area for clubs to post their schedules and results with pictures if desired.

We have also included a market place where entities can purchase marketing presence on our new webpage and related social media platforms. With over 17,700 followers, this can be a very powerful way to market and sell products focused on the catfishermen. Eventually, we would like to sell branded CatfishNOW clothing and other items.

Lastly, we will have a tab for boat sellers (individuals or marine dealers) to sell their boats and motors. This capability will be offered soon.

Our goal is to provide a virtual place for catfish enthusiasts to learn from others both in the written word and in video productions on key techniques, equipment, places to fish, etc. Readers can subscribe to receive our free monthly newsletter as well.

Good luck fishing this summer, stay safe and healthy.

God Bless and Good Fishing!

Dan Dannenmueller, Publisher

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