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Catfish Basics #089 – Perseverance – Paula Cathey Smith, TN

Catfish Basics #089 – Perseverance – Paula Cathey Smith, TN


In early spring the water temperature is in the 50 degrees range and the shad are abundant. When the river temperature reaches 70 to 73 degrees, typically in late May, the blues begin to spawn. Spawning usually takes place on a full moon around rocks and wood cover in 1 to 5 feet of water.

At this time the smaller males move in shallow to fan out a nest. The little males average 1 to 7 pounds with occasional fish up to 25 pounds. They can be caught all day long on rigs baited with shad or nightcrawlers.

In June I like to target shallow water, 10 to 15 feet deep in bays, over ledges, and in mouths of creeks. I target nesting areas in the early morning and late afternoon using gizzard shad and live redfin minnows. I usually fish off the rope, but sometimes drifting and dragging will work too.

Fishing in June is hard but with perseverance it pays off. You just have to be determined and keep at it!


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