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Poor Boy’s Catfish Tournament Trail holds Charity Event

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The Bryce and Kinley Tormoehlen Cancer Benefit Tournament

The Tormoehlen Family Story
On Friday, April 28th, 2017 Katie Tormoehlen started her day like any other. She fed, dressed, and got the family ready for the day. Then while changing her 11-month-old daughter Kinley’s diaper she noticed blood clots. She called the doctor and made an appointment. It was the beginning of an ordeal no family should have to go through. catfish, tournament, charity, Poor Boys Catfish Trail

“We learned it was a three-pound tumor,” reported Katie. “On the following Monday Kinley underwent a five-hour surgery for a biopsy. The surgery was a success and they also placed her port for the chemo treatments she would have in the near future.”

Following months of inpatient and outpatient chemo treatments, Kinley was reported to be in remission. That was January 2018.

On February 6th, 2018 Katie noticed some bumps and reddish blotches on the sides of her four-year-old son Bryce’s head and neck.

“I decided to take him to the pediatrician,” recalled Katie. “I was thinking I was being a helicopter mom and overreacting. They decided they wanted to do some blood work. My heart sank because I knew it wasn’t good.”

When the tests came back, Katie was told by the pediatrician that Bryce had leukemia.

“I was in disbelief,” continued Katie. “All I wanted to do was hold my kids and never let go. The feelings are still so raw and unexplainable. In less than a year both kids were diagnosed with cancer.”

Kinley remains in remission; however, Bryce is still receiving chemo treatments for another year.

“Sure, some days are a struggle,” Katie said. “And I will probably never know why god is challenging our family in this way. But he knows and he guided our family through Kinley’s battle and I know he is with us through this one as well.”

As fate would have it, Carolyn Jones taught Shane Tormoehlen, Katie’s husband, when he was in middle school. Carolyn is the wife of Brent Jones, Director of the Poor Boy’s Catfish Tournament Trail.

After a successful charity tournament last year, the Poor Boy’s Catfish Tournament Trail has adopted the Tormoehlen family for their 2020 event which they will hold on August 29, 2020, at Angel Mounds Boat Ramp in Evansville, Indiana.

The Activities
The public is invited and welcome to attend the charity event. Proceeds will go to the Tormoehlen family to aid them in their fight with cancer. The event will include raffles, an auction, and a free will donation pulled pork meal. Blackout Bait and Tackle will be onsite selling fishing tackle etc.

Companies and individuals are responding with donations for the raffle and auction. Brent Jones reports that a good number of donations have already come in. Things like fishing rods, cutting boards, planer boards, tackle, anchors, guided fishing trips, cast nets, etc. You may contact any of the directors, Brent Jones, Steven Hise, or John Ritchie if you have any questions or are interested in donating to the auction or raffle.catfish, tournament, charity, Indiana

They are also taking orders for Fishing for a Cure T-shirts. They may be purchased for $15, payable thru PayPal at www.paypal.me/poorboyscatfish. Please include shirt size and quantity when ordering. You can see the T-shirts on their Facebook page. The preorder period ends August 9.

The Fishing
For those interested in fishing the tournament you may preregister thru PayPal or enter and pay the day of the tournament. Fishing is from 8-4 CST. Entry fee is $50 per team up to a 3-person team with an optional $10 big fish pot. The event is also a national qualifying event for Bass Pro Shops/Cabela’s 2020 Classic.

JP Marine added $500 to the big fish pot and SeaArk Boats added $500 to first place.

You can follow Poor Boy’s Catfishing Trail Facebook page for updated information about the tournament. Brent Jones can be contacted at 812-521-0281.

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