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Catfish Basics #091 – Bait Selection – Brandy Atkins, B’n’M Poles

Catfish Basics #091 – Bait Selection – Brandy Atkins, B’n’M Poles


Bait selection is very important to a successful day on the water. Cut bait is usually good, but large baits will not always work, so don’t be afraid to downsize.

What I like to do is make the first drift through a spot with a variety of bait sizes. I bait two B’n’M poles with small baits, two with medium size chunks, two with large heads, and the final two with large chunks of cut bait.

Now I can watch and see where the bites come from. This method helps me determine what the fish are wanting at that moment. If it is a clear choice, I can bait all the rods with the same size bait. The result is usually more cats in the boat.

Different times of the year can also affect bait selection. Wintertime normally calls for smaller baits due to the bite being slower. Spring and fall are usually the times for larger baits. But regardless of the time of year, never be afraid to change it up! See what works and use it!

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