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Review: 300+ Crappie Fishing Tips featuring Travis & Charles Bunting by Tim Huffman

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I needed this book when I first started crappie fishing. The learning curve would have been so much shorter. Huffman offers chapter after chapter of well written effective tips for crappie anglers of all levels.

Huffman is a long-time student of crappie fishing. He has honed his skills as a crappie angler and as an outdoor journalist specializing in crappie for years. For this offering, he relied on his long-time relationship with the father/son team of Travis and Charles Bunting to reveal specific tips related to crappie fishing—more than three-hundred of them!

Readers can simply read cover to cover or pick out individual topics of interest. The result is the same—a more skilled crappie angler.

Whether standing on the shore, wading in the shallows, or fishing from a boat, Tim Huffman’s  300+ Crappie Fishing Tips will put some new tricks in your tackle box that will help you catch more crappie.

Specific examples of potential conditions with related tactics are found throughout the book. Chapter one, for example, tackles the popular technique of jigging. The author indicates that jigging is one of the easiest techniques to learn as he presents 32 specific tips on how to do it, where to do it, and when to do it.

The chapter on electronics will bring any angler up to speed on using electronics to catch crappie. The chapter addresses different types of electronics and ends with an evaluation of Garmin LiveScope, the biggest news in electronics.

The book continues chapter by chapter presenting expert instruction on how to catch crappie using numerous methods under various conditions. By Chapter 9 Huffman is into Jigheads, Scents, and Spinners. Questions like what size jighead to use when dipping trees are answered. When do scents become a part of a crappie angler’s arsenal? What effect does a spinner have on bait presentation? The answers to these questions come from two of the best crappie anglers in the business. They have years of time on the water.

Time on the water is the best teacher, and it is evident in each chapter as Charles and Travis Bunting respond with one tip after another from their accumulated knowledge of crappie fishing. The final chapter profiles each of these accomplished anglers, adding a human interest touch to the work. That chapter is followed by an appendix that lists every piece of equipment the Bunting’s use in their successful crappie career.

In the end, the reader is rewarded with plenty of new knowledge that will help him/her in their pursuit of crappie. From the equipment needed to the time of day you should fish, Huffman offers detailed strategies for putting more crappie in the boat under different fishing conditions.

This handy little guidebook will help anglers decide where to fish at different times of the year as well as where and how to fish the conditions of the day. The best part may just be that it is small enough to take with you on the water.

300+ Crappie Fishing Tips has much to offer anyone willing to apply its content on their own river or lake. If they do, they will put more crappie in the livewell or on the stringer.

300+ Crappie Fishing Tips is available on Amazon.com along with other Huffman titles.

Editor’s Note: Many CatfishNOW readers also enjoy crappie fishing. If you are one of those you will enjoy Tim Huffman’s book reviewed here.

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