August 2020 Catfish Basics Techniques

Catfish Basics #094 – Channels on Bobbers – Capt. Teri Littlejohn, Lake Tawakoni Guide Service

As the waters start to warm up and the channel catfish get active my favorite way to catch them is on a bobber.

Some time is needed to get your fishing spot ready. Personally, I like to fish on structure and bait a hole using cattle cubes and sour grain. This is a case where windy conditions are favorable and welcome. The process is worth the time and effort because it brings the fish in. When you are in 2- to 6-feet of water, it doesn’t take long to get the cats in a frenzy.

Position the boat on anchor about 20-30 feet from your spot and make targeted casts into the area you baited. This method can produce equally well from the bank.

I rig with a #6 4X treble hook, 1/4 oz weight, and 50-pound braid. Add a 3 1/2-inch bobber to float the bait above my fishing spot.

My bait of choice is a prepared fiber punch bait. Sometimes you have to work to keep the hook baited. If you miss a fish you are likely to need to re-bait. If you make a short cast and miss your target, don’t fish it. Reel in, re-bait, and get back into the “hot-zone.”

Bobber fishing for channels is fun, fast, fishing and can produce big numbers. Daylight is the best time to try it!


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