August 2020 Catfish Gear Tackle

Catfish Gear #031 — The Original Rod Sox

Dan Dannenmueller consistently installs Rod Sox on his rods to ensure they are protected as he travels from tournament to tournament.  (Ron Wong Photo)


The Rod Sox slogan, “Fight the fish, not your rods,” couldn’t be more appropriate. Once you become accustomed to sliding off a Rod Sox when you are ready to fish and slipping it on as you quit for the day, you will realize that you have not only protected your expensive gear in storage and travel, but you can spend more time fishing instead of untangling.

The Rod Sox slips easily over a fishing rod to give it the protection it deserves. Installation and removal are simple with a “push on” – “push off” motion by grabbing hold of the pliable, rubber-type “mouth” on the bottom end of the Rod Sox. The “mouth also seals the mesh from fraying or unrolling. Using a Rod Sox means less time untangling rods or getting to the water with a busted tip. That translates to more time fishing and that’s a good thing.

As far as protecting your valuable rods from scratches, guide damage, line breakage, and tip damage it couldn’t be any easier. The tapered shape of the Rod Sox and the reinforced top-end allows covered rods to quickly and easily slip into rod tubes. In fact, the Rod Sox allow anglers to put more than one rod in a tube while at the same time preventing tangles. The breathable mesh construction of Rod Sox allows air to easily pass through allowing the rod and line to dry. So, Rod Sox can go on wet or dry equipment without worry.

Rod Sox are made from a high-quality mesh material for maximum protection. They also feature a reinforced and double layered top for added tip protection. The tips are also color-coded by size so you know which one to grab for each of your rods.

They can be ordered for casting rods, spinning rods, or extended length rods like crappie anglers use. They are the easy and safe way to transport your rods, keeping them free of the normal grit and grime that uncovered rods can accumulate.

“Protecting your rods from tangling and from the elements is very important,” advises Dan Dannenmueller, publisher of CatfishNOW and professional crappie angler. “I use Rod Sox always as I travel. They are durable and easy to store when not in use.  For me, they are a required item on or off the boat.”


Visit the Rod Sox website at to view their full line of gear.

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