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Catfish Gear #34

SeaArk Boats—Built for a Lifetime

SeaArk Boats offer eight different hull configurations in their Cat Series that are designed specifically for catfish anglers. One of the newest additions to the Cat Series is a 22-foot, 15-degree all-welded V hull with reversed chine that will accommodate a 300-horsepower engine. They call it the Dynasty. It takes catfishing to a whole new level!

The new Dynasty is loaded with standard features that translate into comfort, reliability, and performance for catfish anglers. Plenty of optional accessories allow anglers to customize the boat to fit their catfishing style. There are four deluxe captain’s chairs including a seat slide on the operator’s chair for comfort. SeatCo Air Ride Seats really smooth out the ride in rough water.

From bumping to anchoring to dragging, in shallow water or deep, the Dynasty will accommodate your style of fishing.

The self-draining bow deck and aluminum floors make for easy cleaning and the stainless steel bow and stern eyes aid in anchoring and tying down. With a 59-gallon aluminum belly fuel tank there is plenty of distance built in for those long tournament runs.

Tournament anglers will love the 100-gallon livewell. Big trophy cats can be transported in good shape to the weigh-in and be ready for final release. Accessories related to good fish care include an automatic bilge pump, 2000 gph freshwater aerator, livewell recirculation pump, an oxygenator, and an auto pump out switch.

There is plenty of storage too for all that catfish gear. Tackle storage is available under the deck and under the chairs including an 8-foot-long center rod box for excellent rod and reel stowing.

One of the first anglers to fish competitively from a Dynasty was Bryan St. Ama, Executive Director of The CatMasters. He describes himself as a proud owner of a Sea Ark Dynasty.

“There are a variety of new models of fishing boats in production,” St. Ama said. “You can truly say that SeaArk is ‘by the angler, for the angler’. As a new Dynasty owner, I’m proud to tow a great looking boat cross the country from tournament to tournament. More importantly, the accessories that come with this boat make it unique and tournament ready.”

“The new features, like the 100-gallon live well, assures me that when I arrive to weigh-in the only struggle will be handling trophy catfish. It is like they found a new home,” continued St. Ama.

Bryan St Ama is shown here with his tournament partner Mick Petree after they won the North Texas Catfish Trail event on Lake Tawakoni in October. Bryan’s Dynasty helped the team earn 1st Place and Big Fish.

“The Dynasty was designed to handle bigger water,” added St. Ama. “The result is a drier ride in a boat that is adaptable to different types of water. Sure, you can buy larger boats with deeper V’s but as a passionate tournament angler, fishing multiple lakes and rivers in deep and shallow water, the Dynasty is definitely the boat for me.”

St. Ama also complimented the values and character of the company and noted the high level of support received by competitive catfishing from the SeaArk company.

“As a tournament angler and producer, I can’t say enough great things about the SeaArk company,” concluded St. Ama. “They support catfish anglers all over the country by supporting tournaments. They are a faith-based company that’s not afraid to say so. We at The CatMasters stand strongly behind them.”

“If you want to know more about the Dynasty by Sea Ark or want to take a test ride, you’re always welcome to give me a call,” Ama said.

Visit the SeaArk website at to view their full line of catfish boats and accessories.

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