Dec 2020 Techniques

Catfish Basics #102

Goal Setting with Kids

by Ben Goebel, B’n’M Poles


I think the biggest thing with kids is to make fishing all about them. Let them have a say in what you will be doing. I like to start them out on small fish. Some simple pond fishing will do the trick and it is always important to teach them that just because we caught them today doesn’t mean we catch them tomorrow.

Having small goals each time out helps them gain skills in fishing, but also on down the road in life. At first, the goals can be simple and not too hard to achieve. If you caught a fish last time talk about catching a bigger one this time. If you caught 3 fish last time, try to catch 4 the next time. The idea is to develop a pattern of goal setting in whatever they do.

Of course, you have to let them drive the boat, learn to tie hooks, and develop other fishing skills. Remember, in this day and age they take to electronics like fish to water. It doesn’t take them long to figure out how to read a fish finder. You would be surprised.

The final ingredient is lots of praise and encouragement, especially when they obtain a goal. It gives them a feeling of accomplishment.

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