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American Catfishing Association Announces 4 Key Conservation Committee Members

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Note: CatfishNOW is pleased to welcome the first four members of the ACA Conservation Committee. As one of the key challenges facing the catfish community, catfish conservation is the one area that all catfish anglers should be concerned with. We look forward to the work of this committee and its impact on the future of catfishing as a sport.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: December 22, 2020 —— The American Catfishing Association today announced the appointment of 4 key members of the ACA Conservation and Regulation Committee; The Honorable Kevin Smith, former Arkansas State Senator and current Mayor of Helena-West Helena, AR; Mr. Ken Smith, a retired biologist with the State of Tennessee Fish and Wildlife Department; Mr. Ted Ellenbecker, a highly accomplished conservationist, multiple catfish record holder, and seminar speaker; and Alabama assistant district attorney Mr. Mark Johnson, a passionate catfish angler and tournament director.

Together, these 4 accomplished experts form an extraordinary balance of knowledge, passion, and abilities. Their talents in conjunction with the ACA leadership’s commitment to ensure a successful conservation and regulation reform outcome throughout the nation are sure to achieve significant accomplishments in the coming months and years.

american catfishing association, tournaments, conservation, membership, benefits,

“The time has come to embrace the importance and safekeeping of our catfish fisheries and the recreational catfish anglers that share a tremendous passion for the species and the sport. I am excited to be involved with this important effort and remain honored to part of such a much needed organization like the ACA,” stated Helena Mayor Kevin Smith.


“The ACA is something the catfishing segment has needed for a very long time.  Finally, the catfishing community has a single voice and effort that can move the needle. I consider it both an honor and welcome the challenge to be part of something this special,” said committee member Ted Ellenbecker.

american catfishing association, tournaments, conservation, membership, benefits,

Attorney Mark Johnson, part of the initial 4 committee team members of ACA appointees went on to say, “The objectives and plan of action the ACA and my fellow committee members have established are well thought out, professional and are on track to achieve what we all believe will be the greatest reform accomplishments the catfishing segment has ever seen. I for one am very excited about the future of catfishing and being part of this much-needed organization.”

american catfishing association, tournaments, conservation, membership, benefits,As a life-long catfish angler, Ken Smith stated, “I have found that protection of our natural resources is of the utmost importance, not only for the present but for future generations. Through the use of sound biological information, I am confident we can assist the process of developing regulations that can ensure the sustainable and ethical harvesting of catfish for all generations. It is an honor to be part of the ACA and I am looking forward to being an integral part of the ACA’s conservation and regulations priorities.”

These 4 leading members haven’t wasted any time getting started. Along with the ACA leadership, the committee is already making progress and are on track to make 2021 the greatest year yet for catfish conservation and regulation achievement.

To learn more about the American Catfishing Association, visit their website at www.americancatfishingassociation.com or by contacting the ACA directly at 833-4-CATFISH, or email at info@acafishing.com.

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