Catfish Gear Equipment Jan 2021

Catfish Gear #36

Capt. Ty Konkle [FV-Catfishing] chooses Driftmaster two position rod holders on his custom rod bar. He sets the B’n’M rods at the 30-degree to suspend or as shown in this photo, at the 50-degree position to anchor fish.


Practical, Rugged, and Convenient – Driftmaster Fishing Rod Holders


Driftmaster Rod Holders are known for their strength and durability. That common knowledge makes them the choice of many trophy catfish hunters. They are based on years of angler testing on the water and continued improvements in the shop.

With models available for all different fishing situations, Driftmaster products enjoy a reputation of excellence in quality, dependability, and service. They have a variety of different bases that allow the holders to be fitted to any boat under any circumstances. Driftmaster Rod Holders are designed with longevity and durability in mind.

Cad Daly has his boat decked out with Driftmaster Rod Holders. He chooses them for their strength and ability to hold up to big cat bites. They held up well for the author’s personal best 83-pound blue.

“We design our products to last a long time,” says Driftmaster owner David Baynard. “They are designed to be used by a good size man on a rough day. You never know what he might grab during the trip. We don’t want anything breaking because it is not strong enough.”

Driftmaster Rod Holders are built for function, but also for the fact that people use their boats for different things. The result is a product line that can be easily removed from the boat to adapt to different situations. When the family goes water skiing, they don’t want or need the various rod holders and accessories interfering with their fun. With Driftmaster that is not a problem. They can be taken off in minutes to clear the deck of unnecessary obstacles.

Baynard takes great pride in the company’s ability to match rod holders to specific boats and fishing requirements. Regardless of your boat design or how you fish, Driftmaster can provide a set of rod holders to match your needs.

Driftmaster products are American Made in South Carolina and carry a lifetime unconditional warranty!

“If any of our products ever break just send it to us and get a new one,” says Baynard. “We do not require a receipt or proof of purchase. We know that it’s ours and if it breaks, we are going to stand behind it.”

For information on Driftmaster and Black River Tools visit the website at or call 803-473-4927 for person to person access.

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