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TTI Blakemore’s Boss Kat Hooks


The newly released Boss Kat hooks are making their way into catfishermen’s tackleboxes for a variety of reasons. They are made by Daiichi and enjoy the same quality production process and dependability that anglers have respect for years. They also offer a variety of styles to meet any angler’s specific needs.

Boss Kat offers “J” hooks, circle hooks, super sharp extra heavy wire circles hooks, thin wire hooks, sickle hooks, and two different kits that contain multiple hook styles and rigging. They come in both nickel and red finishes to meet individual angler’s preferences.

“Catmatt” Jones loves flathead fishing and loves using Boss Kat hooks to catch em’.

Matt “Catmatt” Jones was one of the first catfish anglers to adopt the Boss Kat hooks. He is an angler who chooses different hooks for different applications. As an avid flathead angler and live boat fisherman, he specifically likes the sickle design offered in the BK91 series (Boss Kat BIG BOSS “J” Hooks).

“Boss Kat offers a ton of styles,” said Jones. “I like the sickle design best! The sickle design has given me the best hook-up rate of any hook I have ever used. Being a flathead purist, I love to set the hook and use a variety of live and dead baits. The sickle design hooks work for me in those applications.”

The Big Boss sickle hooks are called a river, or live bait hook, in some circles. Jones recalled that the sickle type hooks first came on the scene back in the nineties and the sickle name just stuck.

“This design just flat grabs meat,” said Jones. “I used sickle-type hooks for years. Anglers referred to them as sickles and the name just stuck. The bend at the bottom holds the tip out and really helps with the hook-up rate.”

Boss Kat also has circle hooks which Jones uses in other applications like anchoring, dragging, and drifting.

“Try the circle hooks too,” advised Jones. “The offset circles are extremely good for anchoring, dragging, and drifting. They are not super thin wire but not excessively thick either. I hate the thick hooks.”

Jones also uses the inline circle hooks which he describes as very sharp. He uses them when he is suspending and/or dead sticking.

For anglers wanting to give the various styles a try the Boss Kat Complete Kit (BK-10) will do the trick. It is a 30-piece kit that contains Super Boss Circle Hooks in black nickel and BOSS RED, Boss Treble Hooks in Boss RED, Boss “J” Hooks in Black Nickel, Sure Stick Bait Tubes for use with dip baits, sinker slides, and knot protectors for easy rigging.

A different kit, the Boss Kat ALL-U-NEED kit contains 44 Pieces. It comes with Super Boss circle hooks, BOSS “J” hooks, and Open Wide Hooks. The kit also contains #5 and #6 split shot weights for rigging. The ALL-U_NEED kit is good for small eating size cats or big trophy cats.

Remember, the red finish on the Boss Kat hooks has is proven to trigger a feeding response and improve angling success.

For more information visit the Boss Kat website.

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