April 2021 Catfish Basics Techniques

Catfish Basics #109

Springtime Flatties by Bill “Flathead” Sutton


When it comes to springtime flathead fishing in lakes, I like points at the mouth of big creeks. The flatheads seem to congregate there for a few weeks before going back in the creek. This is usually when water temps are in the 50’s.

When they start going up creek as water temps rise, they will feed along flats with structure, humps, and holes. Later in the spring with warmer temperatures, I will start targeting the boat ramps, rock piles, and blowdowns.

As far as bait is concerned, the bigger the better! Brim bigger than your hand, crappie (you’ll want to filet), bullheads, and suckers all do the job. I always use live bait!

When fishing with big bait it’s important to have the right rod. I had to switch rod company’s several times before finding one that won’t break during casting. I have settled in on Mad Katz rods because they will throw a 1.5-pound bait like it ain’t nothing. I have completely switched over to Mad Katz rods, not just for castability, but also for their strength.

I hope these tips help you catch more trophy flatheads this spring. Let them pull!!!

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