April 2021 Catfish Basics Techniques

Catfish Basics #110

No Wood, No Problem by Daniel Armstrong


Flathead fishing on Lake Texoma can be very tricky. The lake is not loaded with timber to fish and a lot of the rocky structure is very steep. So, the biggest challenge is that there is no timber to hold the flatheads in one spot.

When I’m targeting them I focus my efforts on the small stump beds found throughout the lake. I use a mixture of cut bait as well as the popular live perch to tempt them.

Since Texoma tends to be on the clearer side, I have found that going with lighter tackle works best. I use my medium action SlimeCat Striper Series rod. I pair it with a SlimeCat low-profile reel spooled with 30-pound PowerPro.

My terminal tackle is a basic Carolina rig with 5 to 6 feet of 20-pound Berkeley fluorocarbon leader. I will run either an 8/0 team catfish double action hook or a 3/0 or 4/0 basic octopus hook depending on the size of bait I will be using.

If I am fishing for flatheads during the day I like to use my Humminbird Solix 10 with down imaging. I drop my baits right down to each stump and fish it before moving on to the next one. If I am night fishing I will simply anchor on these stump beds and fan cast different baits around the boat. From there it becomes a waiting game.

Editor’s Note: Armstrong is the owner/operator of Lake Texoma Catfish Guides. He can be reached through the website or by calling 903-421-4561.

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