Carolina Cats in June

Catching Cats During the Spawn by Terry Madewell An open mind is critical to success when fishing for catfish during the spawn.  Big fish will be harder to catch but...

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Flatheads on the Spawn

Potential catfish spawning areas can often be seen along the river bank when the water level is low. Cavities such as shown here would attract nesting catfish when submerged. (Matt...

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If It Weren’t For COVID

Olen Lehman rediscovered fishing during the coronavirus last summer and learned how to catch big catfish on the Missouri River.   Quarantined in a Fishing Boat by Brent Frazee Some...

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Float Tube Flatties Part 1

Severns is shown here admiring the catch of the day. A nice flattie caught on an artificial presentation. (Keith Severns Photo)   Tips for Catching Flatheads from Float Tubes Part...

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Brazilian Catfish

The final photo of the trip was also the most memorable: Ian Sulocki (left) and Manasses Aranha posing at sunset with Ian’s 65-pound redtail catfish. (Keith Sutton Photo)   My...

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Deep Water Blues

While 2020 was a year of trouble and disappointment, Brian Cabe’s year was a little brighter after being the first of Konkle’s clients to join the 100-pound club. Konkle had...

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