Catfish Gear #43

This rod is set at the zero-degree position. This presentation is normally used to suspend bait off the bottom, commonly called suspend fishing.   Practical, Rugged, and Convenient – Driftmaster...

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Catfish Gear #41

The Pro Guide Boat by SeaArk   The SeaArk Pro Guide boat was highly anticipated in various user circles, including the catfish community. It is called Pro Guide for...

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Catfish Gear #40

Get the Job Done with B’n’M Poles B’n’M knows rods. They should since they have been building them for more than 70 years. After years of experience with crappie fishing...

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Catfish Gear #36

Capt. Ty Konkle chooses Driftmaster two position rod holders on his custom rod bar. He sets the B’n’M rods at the 30-degree to suspend or as shown in this...

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Catfish Gear #35

There is nothing like a kid with a catfish to produce a smile   King Kat Tournament Trail Kids Rodeos The Catfish Gear column is normally reserved for one of...

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