Catfish Basics #120

Bouncing the Boils with Nathan Trammel, Blessed Outdoors   Dams attract fish for many reasons and I love to fish them. Especially on the Tennessee and Coosa Rivers that I...

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Catfish Basics #119

Fishing Summer Patterns with Cody Haynes (The Coosa Kid)   In the summer and late summer months, there are several good ways to target blue and flathead catfish. Most areas...

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Catfish Basics #118

Warm Water Tips with John E. Orr, Cat River Anchors August fishing is characterized by warm water. This is a time when I like to encourage people to try different...

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Catfish Basics #117

Find the Right Spot with David Woods August is a much anticipated time to catch some big blue cats. Local anglers especially, look forward to August as prime time to...

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