Catfish Basics #113

Persistence and Perseverance with Joe Jellison, Chatt Cat Fishing   Fishing the spawn is all about persistence and perseverance for Joe Jellison. Everyone knows the spawn creates a challenge to...

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Catfish Basics #114

Fishing the Spawn with Cody Chambers Fishing the Coosa River and Tennessee River during the spawn is not much different than fishing other bodies of water while the whiskered fish...

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Catfish Basics #112

Have a Plan with Mark Coburn As a novice angler, you can vastly improve your odds of consistently catching fish by learning and using mapping. Many of us listen to...

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Catfish Basics #111

Managing the Short Bite with Anthony Kulis A short bite occurs when a fish comes up, softly hits the bait, then backs off. Don’t confuse this with the dink bite....

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Big River Sweet Spots

Fishing upstream from the Missouri River wing dam seen in the background produced this trophy blue cat for author Keith Sutton. (Matt Sutton Photo)   Big River Tactics: How to...

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