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Just being cold is no reason to stop fishing for trophy catfish. This cold water trophy blue was caught by Show-Me State catman Reggie Gebhardt in the Missouri River near Glasgow, Missouri. (Keith “Catfish” Sutton photo)

Catfish Connections 

Happy New Year

The month of January is often used as a time to look forward and plan for things to come. The year 2021 saw a movement towards a more normal lifestyle following the devastating year of 2020 and the COVID-19 experience. New strains of COVID continued to pop up and offer more challenges, but let’s hope that 2022 far surpasses 2021 with more progress against the disease and great steps forward for the catfish community.

I believe that 2022 will be a great year to reestablish friendships, spend more time outdoors with family, and enjoy the sport that binds up together.

Some tournament trails have ceased to exist while others are beginning. Be sure to keep track of the new ones and check their dates against your personal calendar. Likewise, with the already existing tournaments that we have come to know and love. Support them with your attendance when you can attend and compete and encourage them with your good words when you can’t be there personally.

CatfishNOW plans plenty of variety and educational content for readers to ponder and learn from in the new year. In addition to our monthly featured articles, we look forward to presenting our annual Catwomen issue in July and the annual Fishing with Kids edition in December.

We are pleased to introduce and welcome writer and photographer Brad Wiegmann with a monthly column on electronics. Wiegmann will be sharing information on the latest electronics and accessories to help you gear up and get the best results from your units.

Additionally, you will find our regular columns, Profiles in Catfish Passon, River Rumors, Why We Catfish, Catfish Basics, Catfish Gear, and Video Tips to improve your success. We hope you enjoy this issue and share it with your friends.

As always, I wish to thank the sponsors that support us. Because of them, we can offer the contents of CFN to our readers free of charge. I hope you will help us thank them by considering their products when you are in the market for catfishing supplies.

I hope you had a very Merry Christmas as I join the entire staff of CatfishNOW in wishing you the happiest of New Years.

Fish with passion!

Ron Presley, Editor

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