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Cad Daly caught this nice Tennessee River blue at a SeaArk Owners Tournament out of Decatur, AL.

Catfish Connections 

November Offers Active Fish

The November issue of CatfishNOW focuses on trophy blue cat destinations. Stories from Kansas, Tennessee, Alabama, and states along the Mississippi River are highlighted. November means that cooler temperatures, active fish,  and productive catfishing adventures are here.

One featured article describes the abundance of good fall fishing in Kansas. Many anglers are choosing whether to go huntin’ or fishin’ and either decision can be the right one in Kansas. If the decision is too tough, do some of both.

A second featured story describes catfishing at Clarks Hill in Tennessee. This often overlooked lake turns out to have a respectable population of blue, channel, and flathead catfish. One local guide says that the population of blue catfish is exploding right now at Clarks Hill so that’s what he likes to target.

This month’s third feature focuses on the Mississippi River and therefore the states that border it. Most all the catfishing techniques can be used somewhere along the Big Muddy. There is a variety of habitats found on the river. This story focuses on fishing the wintering holes, the tried and true method of bumping, and focusing on the smaller-sized cats that frequent the abundant riprap along the banks.

Additionally, you will find our regular columns, River Rumors, Why We Catfish, Catfish Basics, Catfish Gear, and Video Tips to improve your success. We hope you enjoy this issue and share it with your friends.

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Fish with passion!

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