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Cover Photo Credit

Marshall Hughey has a passion for flatheads. He caught this midmorning flattie from a ledge in Wheeler Lake. He was fishing with CatfishNOW’s Director of Creative & Marketing Services, Matt Mullikin, who took the photo.

Flatheads in the Fall

Welcome to the September issue of CatfishNow (CFN). Most catfish anglers look forward to September because of the promise of cooler weather and the improved chances of catching trophy fish, flatheads in particular.

This issue has been devoted to the popular and treasured flathead and offers a few great tips and destinations for anglers to try.

The issue begins by offering some opinions on selecting the proper gear to target flatheads. The theme of the piece is matching gear to the way anglers fish.

A story from Terry Madewell highlights an often overlooked flathead destination near Wetumpka, AL. Madewell picks the brains of Joey Pounders, Jay Gallop, and Dustin Goodwin on just why the Alabama River harbors so many nice flatheads.

Kansas outdoor writer, Brent Frazee, focuses on the state that holds the current world record flathead. Kansas has an abundance of rivers and reservoirs for anglers to fish for trophy flatheads. The main reason the murky Kansas waters are so good is the abundance of habitat and food that world-class catfish like.

Anglers have been catching flatheads long before sonar units were available to average anglers. In yet another flathead-focused story, electronics guru Brad Wiegmann explains how sonar/GPS is used to help anglers catch more flatheads.

Additionally, you will find our regular columns, River Rumors, Why We Catfish, Catfish Basics, Catfish Gear, Catfish Profiles in Passion, and Video Tips to improve your success in tournaments or fishing in general. We hope you enjoy this issue and share it with your friends.

As always, I wish to thank the sponsors that support us. Because of them, we can offer the contents of CFN to you, our readers, free of charge. I hope you will help us thank them by considering their products when you are in the market for catfishing supplies.



Fish with passion!

Ron Presley, Editor


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