Catfish NOW – Dec 2021

Hooked for Life

As a boy growing up in the bootheel of Missouri, if you didn’t fish or hunt, there weren’t a lot of other very exciting things to do. A frequent trip down to the Mississippi River and its backwaters and ditches was a “happening.” A bite on a cane pole, with nylon line, “cork” float, big hook, and crude sinkers baited with crawfish, chicken livers, worms, grubs, etc. would get us all excited.

Back in the late 50s and 60s, there were not a lot of tackle stores or fishing tackle options. The hardware store handled a few things like nets, lines, poles, etc. In one of the stores, I saw a sign about Zebco 33 reels and rods. I just knew I had to get one.

CFN How to Video for December 2021

Catfish NOW – How To Safety First with Dale Russel Lowe, Jr Dale Russel Lowe, Jr believes in taking kids fishing at an early age. His son Chase was with Dale when he caught his 141.76 pound blue cat. Now he has a younger son, Mason, joining him on the boat. The number one thing […]

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B’n’M How to Video for December 2021

Keep it Fun and Simple with Roy Harkness B’n’M Poles’ Roy Harkness has had plenty of experience fishing with kids. His two sons, Hunter and Luke, love to fish and have joined Roy often on trips. In this video Roy discusses some of the things he does to make a day on the water interesting […]

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Sharing a Message of Catfishing

Hayden Gunther is shown here fishing with one of the veterans, Robert Ferrera, at the 2021 Fishing for Freedom event out of Quincy, Illinois.   That’s Why I’m Me by Ron Presley Hayden Gunther recognizes that catfishing will be with him for a lifetime.   Whether it’s tournament fishing with his dad, supporting veterans at […]

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Engagement Brings Success

It’s not all about the catching, but it never hurts when the cats choose to do their part!   Hooking Kids on Catfishing by Jeff Samsel Learn to build young anglers’ interest in catfishing by making early outings fun and engaging.   “Can we go fishing again next weekend?” Those are words that parents who […]

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When the Trophy Catfish Came

The Moment the Struggles Paid Off by Greg Staggs How tournament fishing led one family to a catfish addiction.   I’m not entirely sure what drew us to it. Perhaps it was living most of our lives within 20 miles of the Mighty Mississippi – yet I had never availed myself of its rich resources […]

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Catfish Basics #125— Honey Holes with Tyson Emery

Easton Emery is the son of B’n’M Poles pro staffer Tyson Emery. At 5-years-old, Easton is an eager catfish angler. He loves catching them and taking pictures with them. He took his first catfishing trip with his dad when he was two years old. In a recent interview, Tyson revealed his simple strategy for turning […]

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Catfish Basics #126—Let Em’ Cut Bait with Hunter Jones

Most anglers agree that if you want your kids to enjoy the outdoors you need to involve them in it at an early age and engage them in a way that doesn’t burn them out. In today’s world of Smart Phones, tablets, and laptops, fishing is a great way to help cut the digital connection […]

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Catfish Kids

Navigation Basics for Kids by Ron Presley Make safety a part of young anglers’ boating experience.   Different kids learn differently at different ages, but simple, proper navigation skills can begin fairly young. Most kids enjoy driving the boat with adult assistance at first and by themselves later. There is no better time to teach […]

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Catfish Gear #47—SeaArk Boats

SeaArk Dynasty for Fishing, Family, and Kids Rigging for young anglers benefits everyone.   The SeaArk Dynasty boat was highly anticipated by catfish anglers. Many waited willingly to receive theirs during the production slowdown that accompanied the COVID pandemic. This 22-foot, 15-degree catfishing boat is set up with a 100-gallon livewell, a tackle storage box, [...]

Fishing With Daughters and Granddaughters

Teaching Young Girls to Fish—A Gift That Lasts a Lifetime by Ron Presley Young girls can learn and enjoy catfishing just as easily as boys.   Fishing has always been a great family sport. However, in times past when adults were seen fishing with children, it was often men fishing with boys. But in catfishing […]

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Why We Catfish: A Guest Editorial by Clint Piatt

Following My Roots by Clint Piatt Fishing is just the way I was brought up.   I thought that answering the question, Why We Catfish, would be a quick and simple task. With more reflection and thought, I quickly found out that there is quite a lot more to it. My name is Clint Piatt. […]

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