Catfish NOW – Feb 2021

Stay Warm and Fish Comfortably

It is almost unbelievable that it is already the middle of February.  Don’t let that keep you from going after some really big catfish this time of year.  They will bite!!

Catfishing in the cold weather requires a little more preparation and protection.  A few things to consider are:

  • Bundle up with the proper clothing to match the weather conditions
    • Multiple clothing layers will keep body warmth in and the cold out
    • A good rain suite which matches the conditions. There are not many on the market that really keep you dry.  A new company, Bucknbass, has a new one on the market that I like.
    • Head covers such as sock hats and layered hoodies are best. Most body temperature losses occur through our heads, hands, and feet […]
02152021_Presley_Tidal_Cats_Photo_0 (Feature Photo)

Tips for Finding and Catching Tidal Water Blues

by Ron Presley

Know when to fish the tides and put more cats in the boat.

Tidal water offers certain challenges to trophy catfish anglers. The tides make a difference, especially for the bigger catfish. The James River in Virginia is a case in point. Captain “Big John” Garland describes […]

The trio fished hard for a full day, catching a total of eleven catfish. But besides the two catfish weighing in at more than 100-pounds each, Woody Cabe caught this massive blue catfish weighing 55 lbs. Capt. Ty Konkle says you cannot always catch such monsters, but he believes the deep waters of 26-mile-long Tennesse River Gorge harbors more monster cats than most other sections of the Tennessee River. (Photo: Capt. Ty Konkle)

Lightning Strikes Twice for Trophy Catfishermen

by Richard Simms

All in a day’s work.

Disregard the “lightning” reference in this headline. This story is NOT about lightning in the electric sense. It IS about two incredible fish catches that occurred in one day recently […]

02152021_Madewell_Chilly Water Cats_Photo 001_Strategy

Chilly Weather Cats

by Terry Madewell

An open mind is critical to success in February. Cold water cats are sometimes found in deep water but other times they are shallow.

Chilly weather is a prime time to target blue catfish, but the changing weather fishing patterns of February typically evolve from the consistent January deep-water pattern […]

Catfish Basics #105

Barge Hopping in February with Anthony Kulis When the water starts to get cold, it’s my favorite time to target individual fish. I spend lots of time scanning, looking for that catfish on the sonar that screams that it’s a pig. The colder water brings catfish into common areas, so when you find one, there […]

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Catfish Basics #106

February Wintering Holes with Jake Derhake When February rolls around, I see water temperatures in the 30’s. This is when I start my search for wintering holes near current but not in the heavy current. The fish are more lethargic in the winter and don’t like the heavier current. To be successful you have to […]

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It’s Ok to be Silly When Fishing With Kids

The primary goal for a young child going fishing is to have fun— not catch fish. Some adults have trouble remembering that.   What You Should Know About Taking Kids Fishing by Robert U. Montgomery First, and foremost, the primary goal for a young child going fishing is to have fun— not catch fish. Some […]

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Catfish Gear #37

Hooker’s Terminal Tackle James N. Arwood had a dream of making his own hooks. Beginning with several top selling fish hooks, he began studying them with the idea of making them better. At first, he used his creations himself and later gave some to friends. But the friends kept coming back for more. As demand […]

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ACA Names Four Committee Members

American Catfishing Association has Named Four Members to the Conservation and Regulation Committee Mark Johnson, Ted Ellenbecker, Ken Smith, and Kevin Smith are newly appointed members of the ACA Conservation and Regulations Committee. Note: CatfishNOW is pleased to welcome the first four members of the ACA Conservation Committee. As one of the key challenges facing [...]

CFN How to Video for February 2021

Don’t Put the Boat Away with Tyler Richards Tyler Richards says don’t put the boat away when the weather gets cold. You are going to miss some good fishing if you do. Get out and find those wintering holes and you might be surprised. View the video for Tyler’s February tips.

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Catfish NOW – : B’n’M How to Video for February 2021

Rod Cleaning Tip with Mark Johnson, B’n’M Poles After years of trying different things to clean his rods, Mark found his solution under the kitchen sink. View the video to learn his secret.

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Why We Catfish: A Guest Editorial by Matt “Catmatt” Jones

This 77.01-pound flathead is described by Matt “Catmatt” Jones as his greatest individual moment in catfishing.   Catfishing Should be Fun by Matt “Catmatt” Jones Back in the “old days” It was simple to answer the question, why we catfish? We could say because it’s fun or because we just flat liked to eat em’. […]

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