Catfish NOW – Oct 2021

CatfishNow Cover for Oct 2021
Which Cat Do You Prefer?

This month’s edition of CatfishNOW includes stories and how-tos for what we call the Catfish Trifecta (blues, flatheads, and channels). Whether you are a selective fisherperson and only fish for one species or like many of us, any of the species, there are certain key techniques and equipment to use for success.

Each one of these types of catfish has different habitats, feeding habits, and food preferences. Our focus this month is to provide you with the best techniques for each type for the month of October and part of November as fall fishing improves. Choosing the right location, technique, bait, and tackle can mean the difference between success and failure […]

B’n’M How to Video for October 2021

Channel Cat Bait – Capt. Brian Barton, Brian Barton Outdoors, B’n’M Poles When fishing for fun or for putting multiple fish in the boat, channel cats are the perfect target. Maybe you want some channel cats for the dinner table? In this video Capt. Brian Barton (Brian Barton Outdoors) discusses how to use stink bait […]

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CFN How to Video for October 2021

Fishing the Fall Transition – Aaron Churchwell, Partners in Slime In this video, Aaron Churchwell discusses where to fish during the fall transition. Fish are feeding heavily and he recommends getting up on some of the flats and around some of the creek mouths. Just about any method will catch fish this time of the […]

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Why We Catfish: A Guest Editorial by John E. Orr

Mixing Business and Pleasure by John E. Orr, Cat River Anchors A bad day of fishing is always better than a good day at work!   I grew up in South Sioux City, NE. I was introduced to catfishing by my dad and his friends growing up on the Missouri River. I grew up learning […]

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Black’s Camp Big Cat Shootout 2021

Mark Coburn (left) will serve as weighmaster again in 2021. He is shown here with 2020 Shootout winners Daniel Goggin, Meaghan Brinkley, Jeff Brinkley, and Black’s Camp owner Kevin Davis.   Big Entry Fees = Big Payout at Big Cat Shootout December is the right time for big cats and heavy weights at the scales […]

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Catfish Profiles in Passion – Christina Lemke

Following Her Passion With a Willingness to Serve by Ron Presley River rat and proud of it. Born in Duluth, Minnesota, this lady angler grew up fishing the Kettle River, Moose Lake, Barnum Lake, and surrounding areas. After tragically losing her mother at age 10, she was adopted by her grandparents and went to live […]

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Catfish Gear #45

Off Shore Tackle Planer Boards Planer boards have become a vital part of most catfish angler’s arsenal. They were used for years in walleye fishing and have now been adopted by many catfish anglers. There are not many catfish boats that don’t have planer boards onboard. If they don’t have them, they should. Anglers have […]

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Catfish Kids

An Interview With 3 1/2-Year-Old Reed Richards by Ron Presley When you bring them up on the water amongst the catfish and slime, the outcome should be expected.   Reed Richards is the 3 1/2-year-old son of Tyler Richards and Kaitie Thompson. He was the December 2020 cover boy on CatfishNOW Magazine. Reed started fishing [...]

Catfish Basics #122

Crank that Oxygen with Phillip Nordmeyer While fishing the Catfish Chasers tournament in Saint Joseph, Missouri I learned a lot from a catfish and I would like to share what I learned with you. The tournament was on the Missouri River and I was fishing with my partner Michael Suttner. We made a long run, […]

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Catfish Basics #121

Fish With Confidence with Chris Jones, Catfish Pursuit Guide Service Fishing success can be improved by boosting your confidence. There are many things you can do to prepare for a trip before you hit the road for the water and more once you get there. Before every catfishing trip, I prepare the boat. I check […]

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Understanding Blue Cat Behavior

Targeting Big Blue Catfish by Jeff Samsel Catching more and bigger blue catfish begins with understanding their behavior and what makes them different from other kinds of catfish. We went to a veteran big cat guide to get those answers.   Mike Mitchell knows blue catfish. A veteran guide on the Tennessee River (Southern Cats […]

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Flatheads Are in a Class All Their Own

Flatheads begin a major growth spurt at age three, commonly adding two to five pounds per year until eight years old. After that, they continue packing on the pounds—up to 10 pounds annually in some southern waters. The large sizes they reach make them popular targets.   Why I Love Catching Flatheads by Keith “Catfish” […]

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Respect for Channel Cats

Tailrace Tactics  by Ron Presley When action or table fare is more important than size, target some Pickwick Lake channel cats.     In trophy catfish waters channel catfish are often seen as second-class citizens when compared to blue cats and flatheads. The characterization is mostly because of size. A lot of anglers naturally want […]

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