Catfish NOW – September 2022

Flatheads in the Fall

Welcome to the September issue of CatfishNow (CFN). Most catfish anglers look forward to September because of the promise of cooler weather and the improved chances of catching trophy fish, flatheads in particular.

This issue has been devoted to the popular and treasured flathead and offers a few great tips and destinations for anglers to try.

The issue begins by offering some opinions on selecting the proper gear to target flatheads. The theme of the piece is matching gear to the way anglers fish.

A story from Terry Madewell highlights an often overlooked flathead destination near Wetumpka, AL. Madewell picks the brains of Joey Pounders, Jay Gallop, and Dustin Goodwin on just why the Alabama River harbors so many nice flatheads.

Kansas outdoor writer, Brent Frazee, focuses on the state that holds the current world record flathead. Kansas has an abundance of rivers and reservoirs for anglers to fish for trophy flatheads. The main reason the murky Kansas waters are so good is the abundance of habitat and food that world-class catfish like.

Flathead Gear

Gearing Up for River Flatheads by Ron Presley Matching your fishing gear to flathead behavioral traits can improve your success.   As long as I have been talking to flathead anglers I have heard two theories on baiting up for them. One school of thought suggests that flatheads only want live bait and it is […]

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Flathead Catfishing on the Alabama River

Jay Gallop with a hefty Alabama River flathead taken on live bait, but much larger flatheads roam these waters as well.   Fantastic Flatheads on the Alabama River by Terry Madewell The Alabama River holds the Alabama state record for flathead catfish at 80 pounds and is full of flathead catfish of all size classes. […]

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Big Kansas Flatheads

Participants in this year’s Yeager-Jenkins Memorial Catfish Tournament held proof that the Neosho River still holds big flatheads. The fish were later released.   Plan a Trip to Kansas if You Want to Catch a Big Flathead by Brent Frazee Kansas’ murky rivers and reservoirs have the habitat and food that world-class catfish like. The […]

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Electronics by Wiegmann

The contrast setting can be increased or decreased to get the best image. (Brad Wiegmann Photo) Optimizing Your Contrast and Sensitivity Settings by Brad Wiegmann You could be missing fish. Not because you have the wrong colored or sized lure on. No, it’s probably because you have not optimized your contrast and sensitivity settings when […]

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Flatheads and Modern Electronics

Catch More Flatheads Using Your Sonar/GPS Unit by Brad Wiegmann It’s a fact. Anglers have been catching flatheads long before any of them put a sonar unit on the boat. Your great grandfather didn’t use a sonar unit and still caught plenty, even some big flatheads.   Today’s flathead catfish anglers are benefiting from advanced […]

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Catfish Basics #143—Spot-Lock Bumping with Michael Haney & Rodney Crimm

September is a good time to bump on the Mississippi River. B’n’M pro staff anglers Michael Haney and Rodney Crimm do it often, but will adjust their strategy when they find a concentration of fish. “We spool the reels with 65 to 80 pound braided line,” informed Crimm. “We like a reel with a faster […]

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Catfish Basics #144—Go Deep by Chris Fuller

In September I started targeting standing trees in DEEP water… on Wilson Lake. I know the dragging bite is still on in September, but I have had some really good success fishing in and down around the base of trees in 60 to 100 feet of water. I use a Carolina rig with an inline […]

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Catfish Gear #56

Off Shore Tackle—Often Imitated but Never Duplicated Chris Souders likes the adaptability of the Pro Mag Boards to different fishing conditions.   Planer boards have become a vital part of most catfish anglers’ arsenal. They were used for years in walleye fishing, were picked up by crappie anglers, and since picked up by numerous catfish […]

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Catfish Conservation

The CatMasters Tournament Trail Previews New Weigh-in System by Ron Presley The CatMasters new drive through weigh-in procedures are intended to shorten weigh-in time and result in better fish care.   One of the most prominent concerns of catfish tournament directors relates to fish care. Over the years many innovative ideas have been considered to […]

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CFN How to Video with Ron Stallings (Boss Kat)—Hook Modification

When it comes to fishing hooks few people understand them better than Ron Stallings. In his position with TTI Blakemore he has dealt with hook design and effectiveness for years dating back to the ever popular Tru Turn and Daiichi hooks. Built on past experience and reputation, the new Boss Kat series of hooks has […]

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Why Catfish with a Spinning Rod?

Many anglers consider the most important tool in their arsenal for catching catfish consistently as their rod and reel. The type of rod and reel is a personal preference, but one group of anglers who enjoy targeting flatheads specifically choose to use spinning gear. B’n’M prostaff angler Dustin Goodwin explains how the team uses the […]

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