Catfish Basics

Catfish Basics #110

No Wood, No Problem by  Daniel Armstrong Flathead fishing on Lake Texoma can be very tricky. The lake is not loaded with timber to fish and a lot of the...

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Catfish Basics #109

Springtime Flatties by Bill “Flathead” Sutton When it comes to springtime flathead fishing in lakes, I like points at the mouth of big creeks. The flatheads seem to congregate there...

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Catfish Basics #105

Barge Hopping in February with Anthony Kulis When the water starts to get cold, it’s my favorite time to target individual fish. I spend lots of time scanning, looking for...

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Catfish Basics #106

February Wintering Holes with Jake Derhake When February rolls around, I see water temperatures in the 30’s. This is when I start my search for wintering holes near current but...

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Catfish Basics #122

Crank that Oxygen with Phillip Nordmeyer While fishing the Catfish Chasers tournament in Saint Joseph, Missouri I learned a lot from a catfish and I would like to share what...

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