Catfish NOW – August 2021

2021 Aug Cover
Catfish Connections

Catching good numbers of channel catfish can be a fun family day in the outdoors. Most ponds, lakes, or rivers have these tasty catfish. Their abundance makes them a great starter fish for new anglers.

If you own or are allowed to fish a private pond that has been stocked with channels it can be a lot fun and close to home.  Although I fish a lot of different public waters and catch them on almost all of them, fishing my pond is always a treat.  A week ago, I caught my biggest to date from my backyard pond. It weighted just over 8 pounds.

It doesn’t require ultra-expensive gear […]


Sandusky Bay for Channel Cats

Historically, several destinations come to mind when seeking trophy channel cats. The Red River of the North, The Yellowstone River, and Calamus Reservoir to name a few. As the smaller of the “Big Three” catfish species found in the U.S., channel cats are the most abundant. Blue catfish grow largest, reaching weights well over 100 pounds […]


The Channel Cat Challenge at Reelfoot Lake

No one overlooks Tennessee’s Reelfoot Lake as a fishing hole. It’s a bucket-list destination for anglers, and folks gladly drive for hours or even days to spend time plying its legendary water. Most come for giant bluegills or crappie, though, with a fair number also coming to cast bass lures around cypress trees and lily pads […]


Create Some Channel Cat Memories on the Red River

The Red River of the North is world-famous. It is one of the catfish destinations that is a legend to some and a life-long dream trip to others. It is one of the last true “original” rivers in the United States. This is the river that I call home and it is a very special body of water to all those who experience it […]

B’n’M How to Video for August 2021

Line Selection for Bumping with Bob Crosby, Blue Cat Guide Service The further you bump out behind the boat the more line you have to let out and the more important your choice of mainlines. In this video Capt. Bob Crosby of Blue Cat Guide Service reveals his choice of mainline and why it works […]

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CFN How to Video for August 2021

Hot Weather Catfish with Mick Petree Mickey Petree says his summer catfish are scattered and you have to cover water to find them. He target 15 to 20 feet of water and increases his spread with planer boards. In this video he explains his summer strategy and gives specific tips to help you catch more […]

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Why We Catfish: A Guest Editorial by “Big John” Garland

Growing with the Sport by Capt. Big John Garland I just want to dance with you big girl. I don’t want to take you home!   I was introduced to trophy catfishing back in 1990 by a friend named Gerald Holiday. Back then a big blue catfish earned you a citation from the state of […]

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Adventures of a River Guide

In Search of a State Record Blue Cat Lessons learned the hard way. Capt. Bob Crosby owns and operates Bluecat Guide Service out of Vicksburg, MS on the on the Mississippi River at Vicksburg. The B’n’M Prostaff angler has been fishing on the river for around 25 years and guiding for 8. “You never know […]

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Catfish Profiles in Passion – Joey Baird

Baird is shown here with his North Carolina state record blue cat from Lake Gaston. He caught the 121-pound, 9-ounce blue catfish in July of 2020.   Recreational Fishing Became an Obsession by Ron Presley Adapting to what life has to offer.   Joey Baird’s passion for fishing started at an early age. It was […]

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Catfish Gear #43

This rod is set at the zero-degree position. This presentation is normally used to suspend bait off the bottom, commonly called suspend fishing.   Practical, Rugged, and Convenient – Driftmaster Fishing Rod Holders   Driftmaster Rod Holders are known for their strength and durability. That common knowledge makes them the choice of many trophy catfish […]

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Catfish Kids

Size is not the most important thing for fishing with kids, but it doesn’t hurt. The smiles always tell the story.  (Capt. Josh Brown Photo) How to Make Kids Into Catmen by Ron Presley Guides are the perfect role model to teach kids how to fish. Good catfish guides are good role models and good […]

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Catfish Basics #118

Warm Water Tips with John E. Orr, Cat River Anchors August fishing is characterized by warm water. This is a time when I like to encourage people to try different techniques to see which works best. Whether it is anchoring, bumping the river, or dragging bait, give different methods a try because each technique can […]

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Catfish Basics #117

Find the Right Spot with David Woods August is a much anticipated time to catch some big blue cats. Local anglers especially, look forward to August as prime time to catch cats in the 50 to well over the 100-pound range. The method I like to use is bumping. It has been proven time and […]

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