Catfish NOW – July 2021

Girls Fish Too


Focusing on lady catfish anglers! That’s what the July issue of CatfishNOW is all about. The catfish community is blessed to have a great number of passionate lady anglers willing to share their thoughts and aspirations. They add their own brand of camaraderie, planning, and carry through to tournaments, events, and fishing trips. Many have shared their thoughts in this issue.

We have three interesting featured stories in this July edition of CatfishNOW. One examines the relationship between lady anglers and catfish guides, another profiles two dedicated and skilled catwomen, and a third shares three catfishing destinations for the ladies as suggested by a travelling lady angler.

Brooke Mayfield shows off a trophy blue caught fishing one of the many tournaments she fished with her Dad, Chad Mayfield (left), and friend, Jeff Helms (right). (Contributed Photo)

Shrinking the Gender Gap

Catfish Girls – Brittany and Brooke by Richard Simms Brittany Sapp and Brooke Mayfield both love catfishing. However, both were introduced different ways, different times, and approach their catfishing different ways. Both agree, however, that more women need to give it a try […]


Catwomen and Guides

Shrinking the Gender Gap by Ron Presley Successful trips with guides results in women hooked on catfishing.   As the popularity of catfishing rises, women participating in the sport are increasing too. Catfishing may even be leading the way as more and more women join their male counterparts on the bank and in the boats. […]


3 Trophy Cat Destinations for Ladies

Targeting Trophy Catfish in the Ohio, Kentucky, and Tennessee Region by Anietra Hamper There’s more that connects Ohio, Kentucky, and Tennessee besides state borders. The states share the waters of three of the most prized catfishing rivers in the country: the Tennessee River, Cumberland River, and the Ohio River […]

Shrinking the Gender Gap

Brooke Mayfield shows off a trophy blue caught fishing one of the many tournaments she fished with her Dad, Chad Mayfield (left), and friend, Jeff Helms (right). (Contributed Photo)   Catfish Girls – Brittany and Brooke by Richard Simms   “My Dad always tried to take me fishing but I would never go. I would […]

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Catfish Basics #115

Always Prepare with Joni Taylor The sport of catfishing is amazing in the way it brings so many people together. Personally, I enjoy the sport for the quality time that I get to spend with friends and family. It’s all fun and games until I either get cold, hungry, or start getting eaten by the […]

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Catfish Basics #116

“PAPA” with Joelina Long Huffman I use the phrase “PAPA” to remind me of a few simple things that help me put fish in the boat. It is a little memory trick that helps me get the most out of my fishing efforts. Sometimes it is the little things that make a difference and “PAPA” […]

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Catfish Gear #42 – Fish Hard Industries

Fish Hard Industries – The Solution Company From the very beginning, FHI had a lady’s touch. Since its beginning in 2017, Fish Hard Industries has become a common name among the catfish community. Founders Eddie and Ann White are more than product vendors, they are tournament anglers, tournament producers, and general supporters of the catfish […]

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Catfish Profiles in Passion – Amy Starnes

Date Night Catfishing by Ron Presley   At 35-years-young Amy Starnes has become a serious catwoman. She lives in Falls Branch, Tennessee where Cherokee Lake is her home water. That’s where it all began for Amy. “My catfishing began about 5 years ago and I have been addicted ever since,” recounted Amy.  “I started fishing […]

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Why We Catfish: A Guest Editorial by Tiffany Marie McAnally

Act Like You Been There by Tiffany Marie McAnally Sharing life’s lessons can be addictive.   “Act like you been there!” That was what my husband, Doug, teasingly said when he saw me dancing in my seat and excitedly fidgeting while we awaited our turn for the weigh-in at the Cabela’s King Kat tournament just […]

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Trophy Catfish for the Future

Her husband, Captain Samuel Aguilera, sparked Lex’s passion for catfishing (especially flatheads). They often tournament fish as partners.   Saving Catfish One at a Time— The Alexis “Lex” Aguilera Story by Ron Presley Conservation-minded and proud of it!   Alexis “Lex” Aguilera came by her love for the water naturally. She is a proud lady […]

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B’n’M How to Video for July 2021

Be Prepared with Stacey Ledbetter Rentfrow Martin B’n’M Poles   Stacey Ledbetter Rentfrow Martin aka “Sassy” tournament fishes with Robin East and likes to be prepared for anything that might happen on the boat. View the video for her advice on items to include in a first aid kit.

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CFN How to Video for July 2021

Bait Selection with Teresa Owenby, Catbusters   Catfish can be selective in what they want to eat on any given day. The Catbusters Team of Teresa and Tim Owenby understand this well. Teresa is in charge of bait on the boat. In this video, she explains that once it is determined what the fish are […]

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