Catfish NOW – January 2021

2021 Jan Cover

B’n’M How to Video for January 2021

Fish Deep in January with James “Bink” Fox, B’n’M Poles Bink Fox has fished just about every mile of the Ohio River. From his experience he recommends fishing deep in January. The bait goes deep, and the catfish follow.

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CFN How to Video for January 2021

Big Bait for Big Fish with Jim Page   Jim Page says January is one of his favorite times to fish because of the trophy fish he catches. The big bait congregates, and it is a good time to anchor fish. When that water temp gets into the 50’s, find some structure and a little […]

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Trophy Catfish for the Future

Ted Ellenbecker loves to fish and because he does, he fights for catfish conservation. In December of 2020, he was named to the Conservation Committee of the American Catfishing Association.   The Importance of Conservation by Ted Ellenbecker Catfish conservation will be successful if it satisfies both biological and social needs.   Conservation is the […]

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Why We Catfish: A Guest Editorial by Jason Hamilton

Hamilton enjoys tournament fishing. He is shown here with Anthony Kulis at a Twisted Cats Tournament. Trading One Addiction for Another. by Jason Hamilton   My story started back when I was 3 years old. At the time, I didn’t know how it would have an impact on my life. I didn’t know it world […]

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History of the Santee Cooper Drift Rig

Doug Cole is shown here with Ronnie Johnson and Will Lowery. They won the first Santee Cooper Monster Quest in 2017 using the drift rigs that KC showed him.   Straight from the Horse’s Mouth by Monty Hill One man’s solution answered hundreds of angler’s questions—how to drag bottom without hanging up.   The Santee […]

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Catfish Profiles in Passion – Keith Severns

Severns is shown here doing what he loves best. Chasing flatheads in a float tube using artificial lures. (Keith Severns Photo) Teaching the World to Respect Flatheads by Ron Presley   The journey started for Keith Severns in Wichita, Kansas. Now 45 years later he’s still exploring the same Kansas countryside that hooked him early […]

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Catfish Gear #36

Capt. Ty Konkle [FV-Catfishing] chooses Driftmaster two position rod holders on his custom rod bar. He sets the B’n’M rods at the 30-degree to suspend or as shown in this photo, at the 50-degree position to anchor fish.   Practical, Rugged, and Convenient – Driftmaster Fishing Rod Holders   Driftmaster Rod Holders are known for […]

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Catfish Basics #104

Rod and Reel Care – Reel Magic with Ron Presley   Reel Magic is well known for its ability to reduce line memory and increase casting distance. We also know that it prevents line icing on those cold winter days when the temperatures are below freezing. As a fulltime fishing guide on Florida’s East Coast, […]

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Catfish Basics #103

Anchor or Drag in January? with Jimmy Holbrook, Team Slimeline January is a cold month, even in the south. Jimmy Holbrook fishes competitive with his wife Layla as Team Slimeline. Their young son Jeremiah Fisher Holbrook may even be seen on the boat with them as the newest member of the team. Holbrook responds to […]

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Missouri’s January Trophies

Guide Cody Vannattan knows that winter is prime time for catching big blue catfish at Missouri reservoirs Truman and Lake of the Ozarks.   Dealing with the Winter Blues by Brent Frazee Cold weather can bring hot fishing at Missouri reservoirs.   It’s a bone-chilling January morning, and most Missouri catfish anglers are staying inside. […]

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Brazilian Catfish

The final photo of the trip was also the most memorable: Ian Sulocki (left) and Manasses Aranha posing at sunset with Ian’s 65-pound redtail catfish. (Keith Sutton Photo)   My Catfishing Adventure on the Xingu River by Keith “Catfish” Sutton For the whiskerfish angler, a trip to the Xingu is a trip to paradise.   […]

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Deep Water Blues

While 2020 was a year of trouble and disappointment, Brian Cabe’s year was a little brighter after being the first of Konkle’s clients to join the 100-pound club. Konkle had three clients land 100-pound plus blues in 2020.   Tips for Finding and Catching Deep Water Blues by Ron Presley The fishing is not that […]

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